Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I just saw a music video on VH1 Soul and I noticed a guy that looked familiar and then it hit me, that's fucking Don "Mr Hotel Rwanda War Machine" Cheadle as a background dancer. I nearly laughed my ass off. This is fucking awesome!

Friday, August 27, 2010

You Know What Love Is Mixtape

If you're itching for a new mix to vibe or just straight up chill to then look no further. Download this mix from my peoples C.Pablo & Jayski. You will not be disappointed!

track listing:

C.Pablo side:

Intro- Crystal Science- Chief
Love Life- Ragen Fykes (Prod. by Devonwho)
Hospital- Suff Daddy
S.I.G.H.- Kuroisoul
Once In My Life- Chief Ft. Les Nubians
Re-Estimate- DJ Mitsu
The Fact Is- Dwele
All Good (Inst.)- Illa J
LoveLook- Mndsgn
The Look- Houseshoes
My Breakdown Lady- Freddie Joachim
Closer ft. Dwele- Slum Village
Things You Do- Daru & Rena
Brazilian Lady- Mr. Dibia$e
Phat Kat- Lovely (Re-Edit)- Mr. Beatnick
Voyage- Nasrockswell (Prod. by Mr. Dibia$e)
Interprise- Knxwledge
Dragin- Knxledge
Think Twice Ft. Navery- Mellow Orange

Jayski side:

Donuts of the Heart- Dilla
Falling Down- Julien Dyne Ft. Parks
Perception- Electric Wire Hustle
Right Here- DJ Mitsu (Seoul City Remix)
Stay With Me- PPP (DJ Mitsu Remix)
Butterflies X Always Will- MJ Acapella/Eric Lau
Just A Little Bit More- Freddie Joachim Ft. Lauren Santiago
Watching You- Dminor
Got 2 Be Down- Robin Thicke Ft. Faith Evans
Ascension- Maxwell
Learnin to Fly- DJ Day and Miles Bonny
2U4U (Inst.)- Slum Village
Fall In Love (Bonus Track)- Slum Village
Spoken Word: Dedicated to Nas and Kelis- Saul Williams

Longevity Crew

Handshakes and Hellos

"If I ask would you care to see me for who I am or would you turn and walk away and leave the song where it stands..."

Monday, August 23, 2010

2012 Nissan GT-R

This is just pure sex. Just when you thought they couldn't improve on the GT-R and then they give us this(of course we knew it could use be improved in certain areas).

"The 2012 GT-R (2011 JDM) is in the final stages of pre-launch preparation and we’ve received tips from sources close to Nissan regarding the final look of the new GT-R. Above you can see many of the GT-Rs new cosmetic external updates that we’ve already noticed while pouring over spy shots from Nurburgring. It’s finally confirmed though that the new GT-R will feature LED driving lights/daytime running lights integrated into the front fascia. Yes these are not photoshops.

Along with the driving lights you can see the shape of the canards themselves is different to previous model years this change plus other changes from a reworking and restyling of the front bumper have improved the GT-R’s already stunning aerodynamic performance. By the numbers, the GT-R’s coefficient of drag (Cd) drops from 0.272 to 0.268. Combine that with a rear downforce improvement of 10% thanks to a redesigned rear diffuser and the GT-R continues to redefine what is possible for today’s supercar.

Most noticible on the photos though is the new blue. The official (tentative still) name for the blue isAurora Flare Blue Pearl (color code RAY) but what you can’t tell from this photo is that the GT-R gets a new black too. The updated black is officially (but again, tentatively) called Nebula Opal Black (color code GAG). These two colors represent the only body color changes for the 2012 GT-R base and premium models."

via GTRblog


Lina - Come to Mama

I'm not sure how in the world I slept on her, but she is has an amazing voice and her debut(2005) album, " The Inner Beauty Movement" shouldn't be over looked at all.

Lina - Come to Mama

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Corrine Bailey Rae - Closer

I went to bed last night watching VH1 Soul(almost the usual routine) and this song came on and when I woke up this morning it was on again and has been stuck in my head. I believe "Closer" is her latest single. I'm glad she grew her hair out because I wasn't really feeling the short hair look on her. Besides that, she has an amazing voice.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

VFX Guy vs. Producer

This what we visual effects people have to deal with day in and day out from clients

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Jacket

Last Sunday Mike Sage(owner of Universal City Nissan)and met up at Xino's in the new Santa Monica Place. As a token of his appreciation of me being a good customer he treated me to lunch and also gave me this nice Nissan GT-R leather jacket. Thanks Mike, it's awesome!
If you're looking for a new or used Nissan, go to Universal City Nissan(or glendale, West Covina, along with 3 other dealerships that he owns).

Failed Smuggling Attempts

White Trash At Their Best

A woman getting all crazy in the drive thru at McDonald's. The madness drops at 1:15

You See What Happens

This is what happens when you're drunk from sangria and you hear Jodeci in the background with a few friends

Not For Me

I will never go Vegan and this wouldn't sell me to go that route


The west coast family

A day At Universal Studios

A few weeks ago I went on "random"trip to Universal Studios with a few friends from Vegas.
Yes we all got a year pass

We waited in the line for 2 hours for the tram ride...
At least we got to see the new 360 King Kong in 3D.

Flinston's Bar-B-Que
Meal #2 says "Full" Half BBQ Chicken Platter - lol

The Simpson's Ride which took the place of the Back to The Future Ride
Verdict: Still fun

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Skyline Movie Trailer Debut

Check out Greg and Colin Strause's latest movie all done in house at Hydraulx and written by Josua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell

You can also see the HD version HERE on Apple

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2 Tracks of The Week

This track has been sampled several times, let's see if you can guess who used it.

The second track is featuring Maxwell from Sweetback's self titled album. I consider this one of Maxwell's classic bangers