Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nostalgia [Instrumental "Love Line" By Blu and Exile

This version is just as good as Blu & Exile's Love Lines. I simply love this version

By Esquire

Its been a long day, just got to my apartment
I reach and grab my key from up under my carpet
Open up the door and take a step into the darkness
I shiver, a cold midnight in August
Take off my shoes, and I look inside my fridge
Leftover pasta some leftover ribs
Not hungry, musta lost my appetite 
I take an apple bite, kinda like the apple type
like the logo on my ipod, or on my itunes
I Press play, Marvin singing midnight blues
Soon Ill be Loving You Again
As I put it on repeat, I wonder how long has it been
Maybe about a week, though it seems like a year
Like a lifetime, last time you were near
The last time you were here,
things ended kinda bitterly, feeling like you gradually killing me
now you no longer my girlfriend
Im still tryna figure how did my world end.
I draw the blinds on my room window 
dead roses on my pillow, My bed colder than below zero
I havent slept in it since Friday
Since the this-aint-gonna-work-i-gotta-say-goodbye­-day
Since the baby-please-you-gotta-tell-me-why-day
Since the look-theres-another-guy day
A man once said that things fall apart
We lost the spark now im having black thoughts
Looking at our picture, betrayal and sorrow in a mixture
I know you wouldnt care if I forgive ya
still see your face when I turn the lights off
When I reminisce over you my God
And I just hate..being without ya
Got me up late, love and nostalgia...

Monday, May 6, 2013

GT Channel's Coverage of A SoCal GT-R's Meet

A little over a month ago a few SoCal GT-R owners got a chance to meet up and share their cars with other GT-R enthusiast. What's cool is that you get to hear Sean Morris and I talk about our GT-R's.