Friday, May 30, 2014

NIssan Security Plus Extended Warranty is Complete Bullshit

May 23rd 2014

Since August of last year my car has been back and forth to the dealer with some issues. The first thing that started it all off was P0011. The car would shift harshly into the next gear. Took it in and replace my bell housing and a few other things. I got the car back about 3.5 weeks later. October comes around and I put around 1800 miles on it since I got the car back. One night, I was going out and then the problem came back. The same P011 code. The next morning I drive it back to the dealer. On my way to the dealer I end up losing the odd gears too(P0729). They had for another 4 weeks. Nissan and the warranty company were dicking around trying every scenario possible to fix the car except replace the tranny. They fixed the car and I picked up in beginning of Sept on a Saturday and drive it home. Monday comes and I decided that I want to drive to work. Guess what, P0011 and P0729 again. Took the car back and they replaced some more parts and put some new caps on the tranny. I've been fighting for a new transmission, but again they don't want to replace it. I get the car back sometime in January 2014. Less than 2,800 miles later while in Las Vegas doing an oil change, the car throws a P0729 code and I lose my even gears. My Friend Mile who's a Master GTR tech at Planet Nissan did a clutch relearn and got the gears back. We drove it around and the even gears went out again. We did that about 3 times. He told me that I can make it back home as long as I don't go into the 6th gear. I drove back home to LA(4hr drive). 3 miles away from home, the even gears go out again, but this time I can go pass 25mph. That was a long 3 miles. I'm glad it happened close to home and not in the middle of no where. Nissan has my car again. The manager and tech have been wanting and fighting the warranty company and Nissan for a new transmission. I hope I get it this time. Btw my car has 92k miles and I have the 100k warranty plan. I have never used any after market ecu tune on my car. The only mods that the car has are an exhaust, and a custom paint job. Nissan has my list as heavily modded which is a good laugh. I've on these forums and heard of people with heavily modded cars that have had their tranny replaced. I just don't know why they're trying to give me a hard time about it. The data was sent to Nissan 2 days ago.

UPDATE: 5.28.2014

After all the possible steps that the Nissan techs told the GTR Master tech should do, they finally came to the conclusion that the transmission needs to be replaced. Now that Nissan is on board, they're going to send out an engineer to get the data from the car and see what else needs to be replaced. Once they do that, it has to be submitted to the warranty company for approval.

UPDATE: 5.29.2014

The Security Plus warranty company is denying the claim. They said that I modded my TCM. I call bullshit on this, because I have never used a Cobb AP or any other device on my car or had anyone run it. They only thing that was done was on TCM were clutch relearns. I'm getting so annoyed with them now. Universal is going call Nissan NA in the morning to see if they can somehow override the claim. The warranty can't even prove that the car has been changed. They're only going off of what was written down and not the actual data.

UPDATE: 5.30.2014

My dealer spoke with a supervisor over at Nissan security plus late last night to try to get an understanding from them. They told him that around 86k & 87k miles the car had several changes to the TCM. My dealer checked his records of my milage and those were the times that my car was in service when the Master Tech was working on my transmission issue. He sent them their paperwork of the car and milage to compare to the data that they have. When they see that it was all done at a Nissan dealership under warranty, they should replace it. I'll no more later this afternoon if they really want to be straight up assholes or not. If denied, this will end my relations with the r35. I love car, but not the people behind the warranty. I just can't support that.

UPDATE: 6.03.2014

My warranty is being denied and voided due to these mods that that don't affect the transmission at all: roll bar and rear wing. They are claiming that I do closed circuit racing which is a good laugh. The last track even that I did was a year ago at Circuit of The Americas. The track event was also hosted by NISSAN. I will now get an attorney for denying my extended warranty claim.

Here's a link to a GTR forum where I've been writing at and other are voicing their concerns this.