Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Apple Table

I recently went to a Commercial post house in Santa Monica the other day. When I walked into one of the Flame bays, I saw this glass table top on top on of a bunch of old Macs. I'd thought it was cool (I'm not a Mac nerd at all) and I hope you think it's cool too.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Pilot

I remember when I was little coming home and being surprised to get cable TV for the first time. There 4 things that stick out when we first got cable when I was growing up and that was Fraggle Rock, The Z channel, HBO, and a short film called The Pilot that aired on HBO. The pilot is about a girl dresses up like a pilot and learns how to breakdance then serves all the B-boys at the school with revealing her true identity that she's a girl until the the end.

Track of the week: Exile - Love Line feat Blu

and the instrumental for that ass

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Right Project Mixtape

Please watch the video before downloading

DJ JAY-P'S MIXTAPES from ErokTV on Vimeo.

Jay-P has put together this mix which is a follow up to his "Make Her Feel Good" and Love Sick" mixes. This has an updated vibe and feel that's easy on the ears and it just right for the soul. Tasteful tracks from StresOne of Longevity Crew, Common, Alicia Keys, Maxwell, Pharrell, and more. The Just Right project is an organization that's helping to rise money to build better housing for the less fortunate in the Philippine. The "Just Right" mix can be downloaded for free and if you like to get a hard copy(CD) you can purchase it "here". All proceeds go to help building new homes in the Philippines so please donate for the cause and listen to the music as a treat that your ears will love. Be sure sure to check out DJ Jay-P's "IamJay-P" and the "It'sJustRight" blog.

"The objective of the JustRight Project is to raise awareness to the youth about the current poverty in the Philippines and to raise money to build homes for families with the harshest living conditions. All profits will be donated to the ANCOP Foundation (USA) Inc. ANCOP is an acronym for “Answering the Cry of the Poor” with a main goal to help those in need and uplift the Philippines from the third world. It is the organization that is working in hand with the JustRight Project to build homes in the Aytona Village in Sorsogon Province, Philippines. It only takes $2,300 to build a long-standing home in the village that is passed on from generation to generation. The Aytona Village consists of land donated by the Aytona family (personal friends of DJ Jay-P’s family) with a plan to build a village and a farm for the future livelihood of the villagers. The beneficiaries of the homes are families described to be the poorest of the poor, most with five or more family members and only one working provider. The village is built by volunteers consisting of engineers and construction workers who will work in hand with the locals strengthening the closeness of the community. So far there are pledges to build over 20 homes, a park, a multipurpose room, and a pre-school in the Aytona Village."


For donations go here: JustRight

Download the mix here: JustRightMix