Monday, June 30, 2008

The weekend is over

Well the weekend is over and it's been ok. By the way Katt Williams was fuckin' hilarious on Thursday. We all laughed for 3 hours straight and threw back a few drinks too. On Friday I was feeling kinda tired the whole day because of my jet lag. I took my truck in to get my navi reinstalled and I rode my GT Dyno(bike) to work from Sawtelle/Pico to 2nd /Broadway where I work. Then I did it again to pick my truck up. Let me tell you, driving with music is awesome. That night I went to dinner with my boss Colin and I was so tired I almost fell asleep during dinner hahahaha. After that I was debating on if I should go out with the peeps or just stay home. I ended up taking a 20 minute naps, but I was still tired. I just said fuck it and I got my lazy ass up and I went to hang out with the peeps. I'm glad I did, because I a good time for the most part. I also ran into my other boss Greg(Colin's older brother).

Saturday I chilled almost the whole day and then around 6pm, I headed out to a friend's birthday party where I had absthine for the first time ever. I had always been curious about that drink and it taste just like black liquorish. After that party, I went to Downtown to go to another friend's birthday party. That was cool, but I only knew about 4 people there.

Sunday I was late for my paintball session. We all made plans to meet up at 9:30am and my ass didn't there until 12 hahahha. We all had a good time and I played 2 really good games where I was taking fools out with my skillz.
fast forward to the evening. Lloyd came by the house to pick me up so we see "Wanted."We meet up with Joel, Jeremey, Persilla, Bethany, Joshua, and Karrie over at the Archlight. I really enjoyed watching that movie ad the Arclight is my favorite movie theater.

Tomorrow, I'm going back to the grind and work on movie magic shit (yeah ::cough::) hahaha.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

i'm really tired...

I'm really tired now. I didn't go to bed last night until 4:30am . I couldn't sleep at all so I ended up play Metal Gear Solid 4 for awhile. I'm getting better at it as I play along, but man I'm tired. I woke up today around 9am (f'n late) and I set my alarm to go off at 6:30am hahaha. With that being said, I walked to my truck and yes, I got a parking ticket ($50) oh well.

Today I had lunch at BOA with 5 other co-workers. That was cool until the bought 2 bottles of wine. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it this time. Last time I went there, I got shafted and paid for the wine that I didn't have. Anyways I'm leaving work soon to go see Katt Williams tonight :D.
Hopefully Roscoe's will follow afterwards.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Events I'm looking forward to

6/26 Katt Williams @ the Universal Amphitheater

6/29 Wanted at the Arclight (the Dome baby)

7/4 BBQ at Joel and Jeremy's (yours truly will be on the grill B)

7/7 Stevie Wonder @ The Hollywood Bowl (it looks like Moon and I are going togayther) LOL

7/19 Batman The Dark Knight on IMAX @ The Bridge :D

At the end of July is a small trip to San Diego for the San Diego Comic Con. Anyone is welcome to come with. Trust me, it's fun

slow ass day

Today is one of the slowest days ever this year for me. First off, I have jet lag. I woke to a phone call around 9am from one of my bosses. Then I got ready for work and headed to Best Buy to pick up my car navi unit that I took in for repair before I went on vacation. I can't wait to have a radio back in the truck again. Driving without music is fucking annoying. Sometimes I think and make statements out loud. I get to work around 11am and I see that 2 archives that I had left running last night have been suspended. After restating the archive I packed up my new broken headphones that i bought 2 months ago and shipped to Sony for repair. I must have the worst luck with headphones. I should be a headphones tester because I have broken 3 Bose Quiet Comforts 2's, 2 Sony noise cancellation headphones, and now my new Sony noise cancellation headphones. All these headphones are expensive too.

On top of all that I really hate my bullshit temp phone. I can barley hear people talk, so I ended up saying yeah, uh huh, mmm, a lot because I can't hear people talk sometimes. I've been waiting for my phone to come back to me since the end of April. I should have it back in 3/4 weeks, but when that happens the new touchscreen blackberry will come out in 4/5 months. What can you do?

I have something to look forward to tomorrow though. I'm going to see Katt Williams live. That will be fun and it's going to be a nigga night with a whole lot of nigga moments(Boondocks reference). I told myself that I won't be drinking for awhile, but i might have to for this event lol. Who's the lush?

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm back...

I'm back and I'm tired due to jet lag. Ed and got back Friday morning. The flight wasn't that bad because I had several jack and cokes on the plane. The flight was shorter, about 2.5 hours shorter than projected.

So to recap the last week that you guys missed, this is what we did. That Saturday(June 14th)We headed off to Central Coast where Ed's cousin's live. That night I was introduced to a lot of Ed's family and it was fun. The next day we relaxed indoors all day playing Mario Kart 64. While staying there I discovered the greatest thing ever, Jack Daniel's and cola in a can or bottle. I was so surprised and happy i drank them all(not that night though lol). During our stay there, Jo's friend Liz took us to the Reptile Park which was cool. They even had kolas and kangaroos. Watching Ed with the koalas was like watching a kid 's face getting excited for ice cream. Ed and I both got driving time in Australia. Driving a manual on a RHD car was tricky at first because I was used to my LH driving habits. I stall a few times so what... :p
After that we headed to a Japanese garden where one of Liz's sisters got hitched. After goofin' off there she then took us to the beach. That was really cool. That day there were these 5ft swells pounding the shoreline. In the water you can several surfers totally shredding the gnar bro!

During the rest of the week we chilled. We also went to Hunter Valley which is Australia's Napa Valley. Later that night, Jo's mom told us to go to some club called Key Largo. It was cool if I liked house music but I throw back a few drinks and chilled watching everyone wyle out. The next day was easy and it was our last full day. We headed back to Sydney to Mike's place so we can hang out one last time in Australia. We went back to Sapphire in Kings Cross. The music was cool but we didn't hang out long because Mike had his last day of work in the morning.

That pretty much sums it all up. I enjoyed this trip because I found it to be relaxing which i rarely do if you know me. I have to constantly stay busy. Sometimes I had to kick that urge to constantly do something. I'm glad I'm back now and I have to get back to reality.

Please enjoy the pics.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, NOT! More like being raped by a ghost in a Japanese garden hahahahahaha

Ed being schooled by Liz's nephew Jacobis (Ed is trying to figure out where the figure fit puzzle pieces go - i was on the floor crying when i saw this).koala
The shore and not to far from here were kids shredding the waves.
I like taking random pictures of people...

Ed and I were wondering why kids in Australia were rocking Bathing Ape like it's the Gap, until we saw a bunch of knock offs in the mall.
I t took Ed a few hundred photos and poses to pull this off. (JD and cola in a bottle)
My turn
doesn't it look like a painting?
Ed and his sweets again (at the airport before we left).

Friday, June 13, 2008

the weekend plan

It's Saturday morning. Ed and I didn't get in until 5am this morning. I wake early when I'm in different environments which means that I only slept for 3.5 hours. Yesterday we went to Blue Mountain which is an hour and a half south of Sydney. Liz who drove us there was telling us about the nearest snow resort. That's about another hour and a half away from Blue Mountain. I'm itching to go snowboarding out here, but after she told me the cost of a lift ticket and a season pass, it was so not worth my time. Lift tickets average $180 and a season pass is $3,ooo. I would pay $80 anytime back home. All I have to say is that it was fucking cold and windy. It had to be high 30s and partly sunny (hahaha). We took the steep stair case down to and walked to the other side of the mountain. The walk took us about 2 hours. We really didn't want walk back up, because we would be dead and frozen.

the 3 sisters @ Blue mountain
We had an early dinner before heading back to Sydney. The place where ate was a nice spot, but the people in there seemed off. It was like being the called "The Village." The waiter started to ask us questions. That was cool until we stopped talking and he just stood there looking at us. Have you ever had a conversation and it ended so there's a pause almost like an uncomfortable silence. Then you start to talk again so things don't feel awkward? That's what it felt like.

Later that night we got back around 9pm and we picked up Jo from the train station and we went to Mike's place. We were there for a little bit, then we went into the city where the clubs were. We went to go meet up with one of the guys we met the other night because it was his birthday. Here's the thing that SUCKS about Sydney. About 90% of the clubs have a stupid dress code. They call it smart casual which means collared shirts and dress shoes. I for one find it odd to rip the dance floor wearing dress shoes. The bouncer's wouldn't let Ed and I in because we were in t-shirts and fly kicks. We found a spot that was lame and then we bounced around for a bit longer and ended right back at Pontoon. They were playing hip hop and RnB. We were there for a good 20 mins. and the place closed. At least they ended the night with N.E.R.D.'s new song. After that went to a place called Pancakes on The Rocks. It was like a 24hr IHOP. Ed as usual gets nothing but sugar food. We were there clowning around and making fun of each other.

Today we are about to get ready and go to Central Coast and stay up or down there until Wednesday. It should be fun :)

This could be the last blog of the trip, because I'm not sure if I'm going to have Internet access anymore. If you guys don't see any new post don't worry. I'll see you guys when I get back. pics coming soon. :D

Waiting for Liz to pick us up and we see the kid in the middle rocking the biggest flood I've ever seen.

I ordered a Long Island iced tea and I got this. Long Island iced tea's aren't blue. Plus the bartender added the coke first.
Ed and I at Pancake on The Rocks (Ed after 2 White Russians: it had 3/4 milk).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Friday

Thursday was a late start, but the weather was GREAT. Ed and I walked around Paddington looking for shops or whatever caught our attention. Later that evening we had dinner with Erik Liles at Kelly's and shared a bottle of wine.
After dinner Ed and I headed out for the night in search of finding one of the 4 hip hop clubs that we heard about. Our first attempt sucked because Google maps showed me the wrong spot. Then we headed to V-bar and that really sucked. There had to be at least 15 people in there and there was no hip hop. We then headed to Kings Cross with 2 more clubs to check out. The 3rd spot we couldn't find at all. The 4th spot was called empire and that shit was lame ass hell. As we were walking around we heard some dancehall coming from a called Sapphire. Sapphire turned out to be the 3rd spot we were trying to find. The crowd was good and I saw this one cat there that was wearing an airbrushed t-shirt looked like a night gown. I remembered this cat from our first night at Pontoon wearing the same damn thing. I started chatting it up with him. I could barely understand him because of accent. The music was hit and miss and the DJs out here are a little off on their mixing game.
I met this one cat there that was cool. We started c-walking and then I had to hit with a few more moves that he liked. They guy ended up being really cool. Before we headed out, he invited me and my peeps to his B-day party tonight. I hope tonight will be better than last night. The dance machine has been itching to come out.

The agenda today: FRIDAY :)

Ed and I are going to hook up with one Jo's(Ed's cousin) friends. She's going to take us south of the city to see the Blue mountains. I'm looking forward to seeing that, because you can only take in the city life for so long.

I'm outie 5-thousand

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In search of street wear

It's 3am Thursday morning which is day 5. Ed and I are back from a full day. Ed and I went out for breakfast and some lady sitting next to us thought i was a famous singer and Ed just had to play along and tell her that I was. She probably thought I was Craig David or something like that. The lady wanted me to sing, but I really didn't won't to be put on blast like that (thanx Ed :p). Now that I think about it. I kinda do look like him lol (not really). When I cut my hair people say I look like Justin Timberlake or Tom Hanks from Philadelphia (Thank you Joshua for making that Paynedeliphia poster of me).

After that, Ed and I went to the local pub to watch the Laker game. I saw the first quarter and then we bounced to start our mission of finding all of the street wear boutiques. We went to Town's Hall and dropped by SP3, Carhartt, Another, Supply, Footage, Nitrogen, and both Espionage shops. The peeps over at Espionage and Another were mad cool. They invited us to hang out with them this Saturday at a weekly hip hop event. I'm sure if ed and I will make it though. Later in the day Mike (Ed's cousin) met up with us and we hung out on the park bench by the main road for 2 hours just clowin'.

Espionage: The peeps here are mad cool.
Carhartt and below is Supply. Around the block is Another and Footage.
Ed stopped and bought boba This was interesting... Big metal bull balls and anus

Hanging out on the bench for a bit
During dinner Ed was really trying to unscrew the bottle. As you can see in the picture, there was no cap on it the whole time. LOL

We forced Mike to come out with us to some bar in the city. He only stayed for a bit and then he went home because he had to work. The night got a little interesting because the bounce was straight being a jackass to a few people. He kicked a few patrons out. He was abusing his bouncing power. The best part of the night was a watching a group of people more like 2 couples. The girls were dressed like sluts and the guys well... herbs. One of the girls left her dude to dance and grind all over the DJ. The guy was just watching her as the DJ was feeling her up. After the DJ finished dancing with her he saw Ed and I laughing about the whole thing. He headed over to us and said, "Everyone gets a turn on her mate!" I couldn't stop laughing and we gave each other a high five.

The DJ
The girl with her dude. Then she got busy with the DJ.
This guy was owning the dance floor. He was too good for me to battle.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

starting day 4

Sydney, Australia

I woke up around 6am this morning. Patrick and erik had already left to the set. I've been chilling for a minute and it's 7:15am. Yesterday was relaxing day. It started off with a drive along the coast which really nice and then we headed back into the city for some lunch. We ate at the Center Point Tower. In the tower at top, there are 2 restaurants. One is a buffet called 360 and the other one has a dress code so we didn't go there. The restaurant rotated and it gave us a view of beautiful Sydney. We were there for awhile, I'm guessing 3 hours. After that we took the train to Circular Quay where the Opera House is. In the beginning of the day, it was raining and then later in the day it cleared up and got warm. It made our visit to the Opera House more enjoyable. Right next to the Opera House is the Royal Botanic Gardens. We walked through there and I almost got attacked by some birds. I guess they thought my hair was a moving next. LOL

So later that we drove to Chinatown to get Chinese food. During that we found a shop called Espionage. They had all the latest gear from Nike Dunk's to Reebok Pump's. I ended up drop some money there and bought a pair of Nike Stab's which by the way are just "sick" and a Recon jacket.

Lunch time and the view is amazing

waiting for the train to come. Oh yeah, it's a double decker train.The day got warmer and it turned out to be a great day

Doing what I do best hahahaha.
I swear these birds had it in for me. I almost felt like I was in the old movie called "The Birds."
The new kicks :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 1 and Day 2

Day 3 is starting for us and so far we managed to stay up really late in the city on our first night. We went to a club called Pontoon in Cockle Bay. One of the bouncers there didn’t believe that I was from Los Angeles, so he started to quiz me about LA. He had some very stupid questions like, “Where in LA?”, “Where’s the Valley?”, and “Which basketball team do I support?” Normally I wouldn’t say Lakers, that’s because I don’t have a favorite basketball team. I would like to see Boston win because I like KG (sorry Laker fans). The dancer floor was packed with people and there were a lot of BIG girls out on the prowl that night. Dancing was pretty hard to do there because there was someone trying to get through bumping into you.
We left the club around 4am and took a cab to a place called King’s Cross. This place was interesting because it was packed with people and the streets were covered with trash. It had everything there form Macker’s (McDonald’s) to gay strip clubs. We walked around for a bit and then we called it a night.
The Next day (Monday morning), Erik got to the hotel around 8am. He called us up and Patrick and I met him downstairs. We walked everywhere to look for a breakfast spot, but everything was closed due to the Queens birthday. Shops didn’t open until 11:30am. We were getting hungry and we know of only one place that would be open, McDonald’s. After I ate some bullshit salty ass fries we headed back to the room. Ed’s cousin hit us up later around 11ish and to see what the plan was. We ended up heading back to Cockle Bay to walk around a bit more. There we checked out the Queen Victoria Building and the Sydney Tower in Center Point. That wraps up 2 the first two days. Stayed tuned.

Sub Penthouse steeze

The view
Killing some time at the mall across the street

Checking out the local talent
Hey world see how Tron is livin'!
The second day and a great way to start off the morning (rum and coke)
The album cover shot
more pics