Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 1 and Day 2

Day 3 is starting for us and so far we managed to stay up really late in the city on our first night. We went to a club called Pontoon in Cockle Bay. One of the bouncers there didn’t believe that I was from Los Angeles, so he started to quiz me about LA. He had some very stupid questions like, “Where in LA?”, “Where’s the Valley?”, and “Which basketball team do I support?” Normally I wouldn’t say Lakers, that’s because I don’t have a favorite basketball team. I would like to see Boston win because I like KG (sorry Laker fans). The dancer floor was packed with people and there were a lot of BIG girls out on the prowl that night. Dancing was pretty hard to do there because there was someone trying to get through bumping into you.
We left the club around 4am and took a cab to a place called King’s Cross. This place was interesting because it was packed with people and the streets were covered with trash. It had everything there form Macker’s (McDonald’s) to gay strip clubs. We walked around for a bit and then we called it a night.
The Next day (Monday morning), Erik got to the hotel around 8am. He called us up and Patrick and I met him downstairs. We walked everywhere to look for a breakfast spot, but everything was closed due to the Queens birthday. Shops didn’t open until 11:30am. We were getting hungry and we know of only one place that would be open, McDonald’s. After I ate some bullshit salty ass fries we headed back to the room. Ed’s cousin hit us up later around 11ish and to see what the plan was. We ended up heading back to Cockle Bay to walk around a bit more. There we checked out the Queen Victoria Building and the Sydney Tower in Center Point. That wraps up 2 the first two days. Stayed tuned.

Sub Penthouse steeze

The view
Killing some time at the mall across the street

Checking out the local talent
Hey world see how Tron is livin'!
The second day and a great way to start off the morning (rum and coke)
The album cover shot
more pics

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jo said...

HA! i remember that nite if the american accent didn't give u away!!! and yes, there were heaps - sorry: a lot - of whales out that nite trying to get a bit of chris that was hilarious!
oh, and i just thought i would mention to you that it's 'maccas' - not 'mackers'...a bit like tomato/tomato, potato/potato or doughnut...xxjo