Monday, June 30, 2008

The weekend is over

Well the weekend is over and it's been ok. By the way Katt Williams was fuckin' hilarious on Thursday. We all laughed for 3 hours straight and threw back a few drinks too. On Friday I was feeling kinda tired the whole day because of my jet lag. I took my truck in to get my navi reinstalled and I rode my GT Dyno(bike) to work from Sawtelle/Pico to 2nd /Broadway where I work. Then I did it again to pick my truck up. Let me tell you, driving with music is awesome. That night I went to dinner with my boss Colin and I was so tired I almost fell asleep during dinner hahahaha. After that I was debating on if I should go out with the peeps or just stay home. I ended up taking a 20 minute naps, but I was still tired. I just said fuck it and I got my lazy ass up and I went to hang out with the peeps. I'm glad I did, because I a good time for the most part. I also ran into my other boss Greg(Colin's older brother).

Saturday I chilled almost the whole day and then around 6pm, I headed out to a friend's birthday party where I had absthine for the first time ever. I had always been curious about that drink and it taste just like black liquorish. After that party, I went to Downtown to go to another friend's birthday party. That was cool, but I only knew about 4 people there.

Sunday I was late for my paintball session. We all made plans to meet up at 9:30am and my ass didn't there until 12 hahahha. We all had a good time and I played 2 really good games where I was taking fools out with my skillz.
fast forward to the evening. Lloyd came by the house to pick me up so we see "Wanted."We meet up with Joel, Jeremey, Persilla, Bethany, Joshua, and Karrie over at the Archlight. I really enjoyed watching that movie ad the Arclight is my favorite movie theater.

Tomorrow, I'm going back to the grind and work on movie magic shit (yeah ::cough::) hahaha.

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