Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Preparing to leave

I need to do a few things before I leave for Australia. For the past year or so I've been looking for a backpack. I really love my current backpack and it's been apart of me for 11 solid years but it's dying on me :(. I'm trying to find a new one, but it's so hard to replace it. There's no other bag that can even come close to it's shape and style. I've been searching on the Internet and still no luck. Last summer I thought I had a winner. I ordered a carhart backpack somewhere in Europe and had it shipped to the office. The package looked like it went through hell and back and then dipped in water to cool it off.

The bag I bought was cool but it wasn't good enough to replace my baby. Today I'll be going to REI in search of a new love, but it will hard to find it. What's funny is that if you're looking for something, you can't find it and when you're not looking for something it finds you. Sometimes I feel like I just can't replace my backpack.
Yesterday I went to Target and did some shopping for my trip. I had to get some thermals and underwear. From what I hear is that it's getting colder now and I just want to be prepared for the winter again.
Packing is going to be fun. Sometimes I over pack because I bring at least 3 pairs of shoes. I usually rock the beaters to the airport and then the other shoes will be whatever matches with my clothing. Since it'll be winter I to pack zip-ups and hoodies. I might not have room for socks, shirts, and underwear. I might have to invest in thongs (j/k). Along with maybe carrying 2 bags I'll have my snowboard bag too. It'll be fun carrying that around (sigh).

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