Tuesday, June 10, 2008

starting day 4

Sydney, Australia

I woke up around 6am this morning. Patrick and erik had already left to the set. I've been chilling for a minute and it's 7:15am. Yesterday was relaxing day. It started off with a drive along the coast which really nice and then we headed back into the city for some lunch. We ate at the Center Point Tower. In the tower at top, there are 2 restaurants. One is a buffet called 360 and the other one has a dress code so we didn't go there. The restaurant rotated and it gave us a view of beautiful Sydney. We were there for awhile, I'm guessing 3 hours. After that we took the train to Circular Quay where the Opera House is. In the beginning of the day, it was raining and then later in the day it cleared up and got warm. It made our visit to the Opera House more enjoyable. Right next to the Opera House is the Royal Botanic Gardens. We walked through there and I almost got attacked by some birds. I guess they thought my hair was a moving next. LOL

So later that we drove to Chinatown to get Chinese food. During that we found a shop called Espionage. They had all the latest gear from Nike Dunk's to Reebok Pump's. I ended up drop some money there and bought a pair of Nike Stab's which by the way are just "sick" and a Recon jacket.

Lunch time and the view is amazing

waiting for the train to come. Oh yeah, it's a double decker train.The day got warmer and it turned out to be a great day

Doing what I do best hahahaha.
I swear these birds had it in for me. I almost felt like I was in the old movie called "The Birds."
The new kicks :)

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