Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Friday

Thursday was a late start, but the weather was GREAT. Ed and I walked around Paddington looking for shops or whatever caught our attention. Later that evening we had dinner with Erik Liles at Kelly's and shared a bottle of wine.
After dinner Ed and I headed out for the night in search of finding one of the 4 hip hop clubs that we heard about. Our first attempt sucked because Google maps showed me the wrong spot. Then we headed to V-bar and that really sucked. There had to be at least 15 people in there and there was no hip hop. We then headed to Kings Cross with 2 more clubs to check out. The 3rd spot we couldn't find at all. The 4th spot was called empire and that shit was lame ass hell. As we were walking around we heard some dancehall coming from a called Sapphire. Sapphire turned out to be the 3rd spot we were trying to find. The crowd was good and I saw this one cat there that was wearing an airbrushed t-shirt looked like a night gown. I remembered this cat from our first night at Pontoon wearing the same damn thing. I started chatting it up with him. I could barely understand him because of accent. The music was hit and miss and the DJs out here are a little off on their mixing game.
I met this one cat there that was cool. We started c-walking and then I had to hit with a few more moves that he liked. They guy ended up being really cool. Before we headed out, he invited me and my peeps to his B-day party tonight. I hope tonight will be better than last night. The dance machine has been itching to come out.

The agenda today: FRIDAY :)

Ed and I are going to hook up with one Jo's(Ed's cousin) friends. She's going to take us south of the city to see the Blue mountains. I'm looking forward to seeing that, because you can only take in the city life for so long.

I'm outie 5-thousand

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