Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lewis Hamilton by Paul Daniels

I recently had my friend Paul Daniels do a commission piece for me of the 2008 F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton on 48in x 48in canvas. It turned out great and I'm very pleased with it. Please check out his website if you'd like to see more or contact him.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

Esthero - Never Gonna Let You Go

It's here and the wait is finally over. Esthero will be releasing her latest single next week Tuesday June 5th after a long 7 year long hiatus. Her last album, "Wikked Lil' Grrrls" was released back in July of 2005. I've been a big fan of hers since I've heard her amazing hypnotic voice on a DJ Krush track called "Final Home"(Kakusei -album) released back in 1999. I've been following her ever since.

Sometimes I still wonder if the track "O.G. Bitch" is about Nelly Furtado even though she said it's not, but it seems to fit perfectly. Anyways... Let's get into it and check out her latest track. I really can not wait to hear the rest of the album!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

JayskiOne and C.Pablo - You Know What Love Is Part 2

And they're back! JayskiOne and C.Pablo are back with fresh new mix for that ass. If thought "You Know What Love Is Part 1" was good, Part 2 will drop them drawls and knock your socks off with these smooth sounds. Ladies and Gents, put on your business socks, because it's about to be business time. This is that good shit that will have you maxin' and relaxing with honeydips in no time. This that type is shit that will make you wanna make babies all day and all night. So get right and act like you know what love is.

(There are 3 files to download: Intro, JayskiOne, & C.Pablo)


Loving You - Wayna Feat. Kokayi
Sweet Stuff - Sylvia
Girl Of My Dreams - Coultrain
Blush - Byron & Onra Feat. Isis
Sweetest Thing - Lauryn Hill
Still Miles - Dj Day & Miles Bonny
Bailar Remix - Aloe Blacc
Picture Perfect - Eric Roberson Feat. Phonte
Stronger Than Pride - Sade X Fallen Inst. - Liberation
Somebody To Love - Darien Brockington
Lots Of Lovin - Pete Rock & Cl Smooth
Feels Like Heaven - Kenny Vaughn X Heaven Inst. - Ta'raach
U Do - Jazz Liberators Feat. Stacy Epps
Sounds Like Love - Illa J Feat. Debi Nova
Just Right - Ryan Leslie
On Impulse - Miles Bonny
If It's Okay - Freddie Joachim
On My Mind - Eric Lau
You Make Me Smile - Aloe Blacc

Wine (Intro) - C.Pablo
Buildmywrld(Aroundjew) - Knxwledge
Donutsvibeslove - Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie
Sub Factor (So Ruff) - Dibia$e
Applebeez - Dibia$e
It Starts With The Bass - Slakah The Beatchild
I Want You - Erykah Badu (Rancido's Deepersoul Edit)
You Want You Get - Freddie Joachim
Look Of Love - J88 (C.Pablo Remix)
Late Night Reprise - Suff Daddy
The Look Of Love Pt. 1 (Remix) - Dibia$e
Devilspy(Kaleries) - Knxwledge
D'angelo Impro..(L33 Refix) - L33
Afro Blue (Ft. Erykah Badu) - Robert Glasper Experiment
Fastlane - The Internet
Steps - C.Pablo
Believe - Handroidz
Honeydips In Gotham - Boogiemonsters
For The Nasty (Freddie Joachim Remix) - Q-Tip
Recurring Dream - Elaquent
The Look (You Know What Love Is) - Elaquent

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GT-R For Sale

I have a friend that's selling one of his cars and got a text message from a potential buyer last week and here's what went down. Pure comedy hahahahaha.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My boy Scott of Goodfear put this cool Mos Dub music video together. The track is Mos Def "What's Beef"

New iPad Car Install By Soundman in Southern California

My friend Doug is at it again! The first to ever install an iPad into a car and now "The New iPad" in a Ford with SYNC. Check out the video and great work as always Doug!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2013 GT-R Experience Laguna Seca Raceway 6-7 April

Busy At Work Today

Once a year an event comes along that takes control over me and it turns me and almost everyone else into maniacs and it's called NCAA March Madness. So let the madness begin!

Rest In Power: Daisuke Morita

Never forgotten
(Tokyo, Japan Dai and Akiko's wedding day)
Left to right: Me, Dai, Akiko, and G

To my dear friend Dai, I miss my brother. I wish you that you didn't have to leave us so early.
Mata ne...

What's Goin' On!?!

A lot of things have happen within the last several months. It's all a learning experience and I have to believe that there's a positive to what's been happening. I've been really busy with work which can be both good and bad all at the same time. I'm glad that I have a job and friends that have looked out for me during my down time. The bad is that I was being over worked and it was getting stressful because TV shows have short turnarounds and you try to get the work to 100%, but at the end of it all you can only do so much and settle for 80%. A friend once told me, "Chrispy, the deal with TV is 80%, that's all you need." Anyways, the projects are now completed and pilot season is coming up and the deadlines are even more crazy. I'm looking forward to taking a vacation.

This week actually March 16th, some friends of mine are coming to Japan. I'm really excited to see them but I'll be in San Francisco celebrating St. Patty's Day with a few friends of mine(Jeff, Trish, Jay, and Ken). When I get back into town, I'll try my best to see them.

So last weekend was fun. I went back to Buttonwillow raceway and I had a blast. It's been 2 years since I been on that track. back then I never knew the lap times I was putting down. My ex girlfriend swears she's faster than me though hahahaha. We'll have to see about that next time around. The configuration that we ran was course 13 CW. The first session out I ran 2:14, 2nd session I ran 2:09, 3rd session 2:08.3, and 4th was 2:08.9. I'm not going to lie, I had 2 run offs, everything is ok. I took home a 3rd place trophy for fastest lap time courtesy of Ben from GT-RR/Bulletproof.

Setting up

It's about to get serious! hahahaha

Cooling down form a hot session

Third Place: 3rd fastest GT-R lap time @ 2:08.3

My next track day will be at Laguna Seca April 6-7th for a very special 2 day event hosted by Nissan. I was fortunate enough to get invited to this event. It's been 2 years since I last been there too hahaha. I plan on making a small documentary about the whole experience so I can share with other Gt-R owners. Anyways, I'll get back with you all later this week. ONE!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Raid Movie Trailer

One word, DAMN!!!!!!!!

"In the heart of Jakarta lies a rundown apart¬ment infested with druggies and drifters. It’s ruled by a ruthless drug lord who uses the tenement to shelter his junkie customers, pushers, enforcers and brutal killers. The apartment block is considered untouch¬able by even the bravest of police—until one early morning when, cloaked under dawn’s dark¬ness, an elite SWAT team, led by officer Rama (Uwais), raids the peril-filled structure. As Rama’s squad races between the maze of rooms and floors, encountering a barrage of gunfire, machetes, and ruthless hand-to-hand combat around every corner, the stakes get higher and higher building to an explosive crescendo and an ultimate battle."

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Track of The Day: The Weekend - The Zone

This is one of the best tracks off The Weekend's second(trilogy) album called "Thursday." If you haven't heard of The Weekend, please do yourself a favor and download all of his free(yes, free) albums. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Download here:

Friday, February 24, 2012


This has to be by far one of the most fun, beautiful, loving, and sad pieces of storying done at its best.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dance Party For Hire

I'm convinced that these have to be the same birthday party dancers. LOL
I wonder if they do bachelor and bachelorette parties too?

Mickey and Minnie Mouse


Batman, Spider-man, Venom, and Ironman

Going Insane with Insanity

I recently picked up Insanity and yes, it is insane. I've been out of shape for a minute and now I want to get my stamina and physic back up because I'm tired of getting tired and winded. I usually do push ups and crunches at my own time and in the winter I try some do squats for snowboarding season. I'm looking to start a new and better me. I welcome Insanity and I'm ready to go all the way!

The Package! "What's in the box!?!"

Welcome to Insanity !


My first Instagram pic:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Think You're onto Something

Objects Come to Life by: Terry Border


Bday lunch: Marmalade at the Grove, dessert and a dirty martini

This past Monday I turned 33. I never really pictured myself in my 30's which is funny to me. I've always seemed to look pass that and envision myself as 50 for some odd reason hahaha. For my birthday week, I spent it with a few friends over at The Room in Hollywood. It was a slow night there, but we all just chilled and had good conversations. The real birthday treat was a gift to myself. G and I went to Urasawa in Beverly Hills. There we had the most amazing sushi. It was the BEST sushi that I've ever had period. Each course made right in front of us and the presentation was great. The best course we had to be the fresh cut scallops with caviar on a spoon. G had almost cried(tears of joy) because it was so good hahahaha. I look forward to going back there again!

So True...

Cheaper doesn't always mean better.

Clippers' Home Opener

This post is more than a bit tardy, but I had fun at the Clippers' Home Opener. The Clippers lost to the Bulls that night too. We also saw a few celebs in and out of the Staple Center.


Blake Anderson and I(I have beanie hair hahaha)

G with Blake Anderson

When Shit Happens

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream