Sunday, February 19, 2012


Bday lunch: Marmalade at the Grove, dessert and a dirty martini

This past Monday I turned 33. I never really pictured myself in my 30's which is funny to me. I've always seemed to look pass that and envision myself as 50 for some odd reason hahaha. For my birthday week, I spent it with a few friends over at The Room in Hollywood. It was a slow night there, but we all just chilled and had good conversations. The real birthday treat was a gift to myself. G and I went to Urasawa in Beverly Hills. There we had the most amazing sushi. It was the BEST sushi that I've ever had period. Each course made right in front of us and the presentation was great. The best course we had to be the fresh cut scallops with caviar on a spoon. G had almost cried(tears of joy) because it was so good hahahaha. I look forward to going back there again!

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