Friday, July 31, 2009

Track Of The Day

It's Friday so I'm going to take you back, WAY BACK!


The Question is, "To go to Vegas or not to go to Vegas?"

The last time I was was in Vegas was in May for the goldRush Rally(I had a blast!-thanx Raw, Knick, & Abel). It was cool, but I was low on funds so I didn't party like a rockstar. I just stayed on the sidelines and hung out with a few friends that live there. Some people LOVE it, but I'm not that person. I want to go and celebrate my friend's birthday(he lives in Vegas), but then again I don't want to go. I'm not sure what's holding me back from going, but I'm iffy about it. I thought I was going to drive up solo which I really don't want to do. I think my friend's Chris or Kevin will be riding with me so that'll make the drive better. I'll know for sure this evening if I decide to go.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Is The Definition Of "Bitchin"

via: Ignored Prayers

Cat Shit One

Title: Cat Shit One - the Animated Series
Production: Studio Anima

Director: Kazuya Sasahara
Original Manga (released in the USA as Apocalypse Meow): Motofumi Kobayashi
Format: 23 min. 12 episodes
Target Viewers: Survival game fans and military fans

The production of the series is looking for investors right now as this entry was written. 1st episode is about 3 PMCs (Rat, Botasky and Packy) surrounded by guerrilas demanding withdrawal of US Armed Forces from the local area.
(No animals were harmed in this trailer)

Serious gunfight.
With cute animals.
My kinda alley (grins).

In the trailer, the PMCs were covering each other properly and have semi realistic gun fighting, not Hollywood stuff. Apparently it is based on 2 volume manga titled Cat Shit One '80, a Cold War story.

No Homo

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Randy is an upcoming comedian that has been out doing his thing for awhile. You seen him on MTV's Human Giant, Flight of the Concords, and some other things. If you ever get a chance go to a comedy club, you need to see him.

A Movie About Car Salemen

This a red band trailer and yes it's HILARIOUS!

What A Shame

Audi RS6(my next car). What a shame and the driver walked away

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend started on Friday afternoon. I went to Torrence to meet up with some friends at K1 (go-karts) and we managed to talk the workers there to letting us 4 have the track to ourselves for a bit. After that we headed down to Long Beach and met up with a few local GT-R owners and had dinner at Lucille's BBQ. The food was good, but damn you KP for talking me into getting that combo platter hahaha. Then Saturday morning a few of us met up again for Cars and Coffee in Irvine and then breakfast in Costa Mesa. Later the evening I headed to The Getty Museum to see Cut Chemist preform. The traffic was pretty bad because the parking lot was full and everyone and their mom was trying to go. A few of us ended up parking off Sunset Blvd and walked all the way to the Getty. When we got there a few of our friends were in line already so we cut the tram line hahaha. We got there just in time to see Cut Chemist setup and play.
On Sunday we went down to San Diego for the San Diego Comic Con. I haven't been to Comic Con in 4 years and I finally had free time to go this year. A lot has changed, but it was still fun meeting up with friends that were already there.

go-kart action

Traffic on Sepulveda Blvd to get to the Getty

At the Getty watching Cut Chemist tear it up

San Diego Comic Con Badge:
me: Chris
girl: Your name is actually Chris Brown?
me: Yes it is.
girl: I don't want to be your girlfriend, you'll hit me.
me: uncomfortable smile (to myslef rasict bitch hahaha)
Brown is not my last name, it's my Uncle's last name. It was easier to say yes.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wu-Tang Lego Videos

Check these videos out, they're hilarious.

Wu-Tang Lego: Da Mystery of Chessboxin' from davo on Vimeo.

Wu-Tang Lego: Raw Interlude from davo on Vimeo.

Wu-Tang Lego: Killer Tape from davo on Vimeo.

Too Many Mutha'uckas


Too many mutha uckas
Uckin' with my shi-
There's too many mutha uckas
Uckin' with my shi-
Uckin' with my shi-
Too many mutha uckas
Uckin' with my shi-
With my shi-
How many mutha uckas?
Too many to count
Mutha uckas

I pay my mutha uckin' rent fortnightly
Mutha uckas at the bank trying to play me
And I'm out for my account
'Cause out on A.P
On A.P.
Yeah, you know me
Mutha ucka charge a two buck transaction fee
Makes my payment short
My rent comes back to me
Minus a twenty-five dollar penalty
So you'll fee me 'cause of your mutha uckin' fee
Read the words
On my ATM slip, it said
We're all mutha uckas
And we're uckin' with your shi-
Come on

Too many mutha uckas
Uckin' with my shi-
My transaction shi-!
There's too many mutha uckas
Uckin' with my shi-
My weekly statement shi-!
Too many mutha uckas
Uckin' with my shi-
With my balance shi-!
How many mutha uckas?
Too many to count
Mutha uckas

The mutha ucka runs a racist uckin' grocery
The mutha ucka won't sell an apple to a Kiwi
The shi- fight's gonna get vicious and malicious
Cut the cra-
I need my red delicious
Tells me as a Kiwi that my money isn't valid
Gonna dice the mutha ucka like a mutha uckin' fruit salad
Then... ... Granny Smith... ...
... an avocado... ... b-... -a... ...
... a mango... ...
Then pop an apple in his ass, yeah!

Too many mutha uckas
Uckin' with my shi-
I'm gonna juice the mutha ucka
There's too many mutha uckas
Uckin' with my shi-
He's gonna wake up in a smoothie
Too many mutha uckas
Uckin' with my
Everybody come on!

Too many mutha uckas uckin' with my shhhhh

Thursday, July 23, 2009

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

via: Wired

There are some things in this world that will never be forgotten, this week’s 40th anniversary of the moon landing for one. But Moore’s Law and our ever-increasing quest for simpler, smaller, faster and better widgets and thingamabobs will always ensure that some of the technology we grew up with will not be passed down the line to the next generation of geeks.

That is, of course, unless we tell them all about the good old days of modems and typewriters, slide rules and encyclopedias …

Audio-Visual Entertainment

1. Inserting a VHS tape into a VCR to watch a movie or to record something.
2. Super-8 movies and cine film of all kinds.
3. Playing music on an audio tape using a personal stereo. See what happens when you give a Walkman to todays teenager.
4. The number of TV channels being a single digit. I remember it being a massive event when Britain got its fourth channel.
5. Standard-definition, CRT TVs filling up half your living room.
6. Rotary dial televisions with no remote control. You know, the ones where the kids were the remote control.
7. High-speed dubbing.
8. 8-track cartridges.
9. Vinyl records. Even today’s DJs are going laptop or CD.
10. Betamax tapes.
11. MiniDisc.
12. Laserdisc: the LP of DVD.
13. Scanning the radio dial and hearing static between stations. (Digital tuners + HD radio bork this concept.)
14. Shortwave radio.
15. 3-D movies meaning red-and-green glasses.
16. Watching TV when the networks say you should. Tivo and Sky+ are slowing killing this one.
17. That there was a time before ‘reality TV.’

Computers and Videogaming

18. Wires. OK, so they’re not gone yet, but it won’t be long
19. The scream of a modem connecting.
20. The buzz of a dot-matrix printer
21. 5- and 3-inch floppies, Zip Discs and countless other forms of data storage.
22. Using jumpers to set IRQs.
23. DOS.
24. Terminals accessing the mainframe.
25. Screens being just green (or orange) on black.
26. Tweaking the volume setting on your tape deck to get a computer game to load, and waiting ages for it to actually do it.
27. Daisy chaining your SCSI devices and making sure they’ve all got a different ID.
28. Counting in kilobytes.
29. Wondering if you can afford to buy a RAM upgrade.
30. Blowing the dust out of a NES cartridge in the hopes that it’ll load this time.
31. Turning a PlayStation on its end to try and get a game to load.
32. Joysticks.
33. Having to delete something to make room on your hard drive.
34. Booting your computer off of a floppy disk.
35. Recording a song in a studio.

The Internet

36. NCSA Mosaic.
37. Finding out information from an encyclopedia.
38. Using a road atlas to get from A to B.
39. Doing bank business only when the bank is open.
40. Shopping only during the day, Monday to Saturday.
41. Phone books and Yellow Pages.
42. Newspapers and magazines made from dead trees.
43. Actually being able to get a domain name consisting of real words.
44. Filling out an order form by hand, putting it in an envelope and posting it.
45. Not knowing exactly what all of your friends are doing and thinking at every moment.
46. Carrying on a correspondence with real letters, especially the handwritten kind.
47. Archie searches.
48. Gopher searches.
49. Concatenating and UUDecoding binaries from Usenet.
50. Privacy.
51. The fact that words generally don’t have num8er5 in them.
52. Correct spelling of phrases, rather than TLAs.
53. Waiting several minutes (or even hours!) to download something.
54. The time before botnets/security vulnerabilities due to always-on and always-connected PCs
55. The time before PC networks.
56. When Spam was just a meat product — or even a Monty Python sketch.


57. Typewriters.
58. Putting film in your camera: 35mm may have some life still, but what about APS or disk?
59. Sending that film away to be processed.
60. Having physical prints of photographs come back to you.
61. CB radios.
62. Getting lost. With GPS coming to more and more phones, your location is only a click away.
63. Rotary-dial telephones.
64. Answering machines.
65. Using a stick to point at information on a wallchart
66. Pay phones.
67. Phones with actual bells in them.
68. Fax machines.
69. Vacuum cleaners with bags in them.

Everything Else

70. Taking turns picking a radio station, or selecting a tape, for everyone to listen to during a long drive.
71. Remembering someone’s phone number.
72. Not knowing who was calling you on the phone.
73. Actually going down to a Blockbuster store to rent a movie.
74. Toys actually being suitable for the under-3s.
75. LEGO just being square blocks of various sizes, with the odd wheel, window or door.
76. Waiting for the television-network premiere to watch a movie after its run at the theater.
77. Relying on the 5-minute sport segment on the nightly news for baseball highlights.
78. Neat handwriting.
79. The days before the nanny state.
80. Starbuck being a man.
81. Han shoots first.
82. “Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.” But they’ve already seen episode III, so it’s no big surprise.
83. Kentucky Fried Chicken, as opposed to KFC.
84. Trig tables and log tables.
85. “Don’t know what a slide rule is for …”
86. Finding books in a card catalog at the library.
87. Swimming pools with diving boards.
88. Hershey bars in silver wrappers.
89. Sliding the paper outer wrapper off a Kit-Kat, placing it on the palm of your hand and clapping to make it bang loudly. Then sliding your finger down the silver foil of break off the first finger
90. A Marathon bar (what a Snickers used to be called in Britain).
91. Having to manually unlock a car door.
92. Writing a check.
93. Looking out the window during a long drive.
94. Roller skates, as opposed to blades.
95. Cash.
96. Libraries as a place to get books rather than a place to use the internet.
97. Spending your entire allowance at the arcade in the mall.
98. Omni Magazine
99. A physical dictionary — either for spelling or definitions.
100. When a ‘geek’ and a ‘nerd’ were one and the same.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Billy's Balloon

It's been years since I last saw this little cartoon short. I when I first saw it, I was in tears. I hope you all enjoy as much as I do.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Theme Song of the Week

I dedicate this to for all those that slept.

Dick Tracy Status

You to can be Dick Tracy with this new watch from LG that's also a cell phone. The only thing is that it comes with a hefty price tag of $1,500.

"To be perfectly honest, it’s hard to know whether or not we actually care about the possibility of LG’s upcoming GD910 watch phone touching down in the US. If the pricing comes in as high as had been rumored a few months ago — $1,500 or more — then the answer is most definitely no. If LG can manage to simmer down a bit and hit a more realistic price point… Well, it might be fun to play with for a minute. Whether or not the GD910 will officially hit US soil is still an unknown but its stroll through the FCC halls at least makes it a much more likely possibility. As far as frequencies covered in the FCC documents, don’t get too excited. GSM/GPRS/EDGE 1900 is all we’ve got so far but it still looks like there are still a bunch of documents that haven’t been released yet so maybe LG will surprise us with some US 3G. And maybe not. Hit the jump for the label as found with the patent app."

via: boygeniusreport

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bugatti Veyron 210+ Ticket

Social media "mogul" Philip Odegard mysteriously included this amazing California speeding ticket in his Flickr photostream this week showing an estimated speed of 210 MPH+ in a 65 MPH zone driving a Bugatti Veyron.

A lack of supplemental information about the ticket other than it was received on the California State Route 73 toll road leaves us in question, but if it is indeed a true speeding ticket and not some ill-conceived joke, it may be the most epic display of supercar hoonage ever caught by the California Highway Patrol. And for those of you playing at home, here's what the California law for speeding above 100 MPH is:

"every person convicted of an infraction for a violation described in subdivision (b) of Section 22348 shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500)."

So, no jail time as far as we can see, but a fairly hefty fine. (Hat tip to Less Lincoln!) [via Flickr]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hot Toys will be releasing a vinyl toy of Michael Jackson from Michael Jackson's Thriller. This looks a must have. A launch is set for December 2009 with a suggest retail price tag of ¥24,000 (Approx. $255 USD).

via: hypebeast

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ever since the update of the iPhone3.o firmware I was unable to receive voicemail for the past 3 weeks. I was on the phone with them for 2 hours last week trying to troubleshoot the problem. We've gone through everything. They couldn't fix it so they said that the techs are going to look into it over the next 24-72 hours. I would get random phone calls from AT&T testing out my voicemail, but still nothing. I called them today and I was on the phone for awhile trying to figure this all out. The tech then transfered my to AppleCare, it get's better. Last week the AppleCare person told me that I have 5 days left on my warranty hahaha so when I was on the phone with the AppleCare tech today he said my warranty was up and that he would have to charge me. Then I told him my sobb story and he let it slide. He ended up fixing my iPhone which is great, but I went for 3 weeks missing voicemail messages. After the phone call I called AT&T again and asked about a little compensation for the little mishaps with my voicemail. The lady then tells me no because it's a free service. I laughed in her face and said, "It's not free if you're paying for it." She she came up with this, "Well I can credit your account $10." I told her that $10 doesn't even cover the tax on my bill. so I countered her with $20 and she flat out said no, just $10. By then I've had it and said, "Fine I'll take it."

As soon as my contract is up with these fucks, I'm going back to T-mobile.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Am I Going The Right Way?

This morning I was behind an older woman with a handicap tag hanging inside of her car. I was behind her for awhile waiting for her to make a right turn. She then moved up and the light turned green. Now I thought to myself, she's turning really wide. Then low and behold, she turn onto the the other side of the street. YES, I said the other side. I couldn't even believe it hahaha. Here are some pics of her driving on the wrong side of the road.

Friday, July 10, 2009

California DMV

Thank you California for being in so much debt that you close all the DMV's on Friday to save money. You guys SUCK!

Fast Food

Rolling through the drive-thru with style. ROFLMFAO

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Song Of The Week

Dope Man by N.W.A.

I started listening to N.W.A. back in 1987. Don't ask why, but I did. I was into a lot of music growing up and N.W.A.

Randon Pics

I was going through my hard drive and I came across some old pictures. Good times :)

These are some paintings that I've done awhile back on canvas

Leon: The Professional
Superman: Kingdom Come

Airbrush is still popular like lemonade

Bear and I in Seattle airbrushing at a fair

The Warriors for Halloween 2004
Me, Lloyd, and Jeff( and a random shot of Trish in BG hahaha)

The family:
My twin brother on the right

Thanksgiving 2003
from left to right:
Nick, Chris, Me, Dante, David, Christian, and Angelo

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

They Came From...

They Came From looks like a well put together HD snowboarding video that seems to be in 3D. I'm getting excited about this video and I'm also getting excited about next season. I really didn't get a chance to shine this past season due to work and track days, but that's all going to change hahaha.

(int) Factor Films presents THEY CAME FROM... from factor films on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nissan GT-R Does 7:26.7 at the 'Ring

There are a lot of non believers out there that say Nissan lied about their track time at the "Ring." In this video, Nissan put all the haters to rest with a remarkable track time that they set previously for the launch of the GT-R which was 7:38.

Monday, July 6, 2009


This is what happens when you touch a live wire while standing on top of a train.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Downtown LA Photoshoot

Here are a few pics from a photoshoot we did in Downtown Los Angeles

Simple Citizens

Simple Citizens is my friends band and they know how to rock a crowd. This performance was last night at The RootDown in Los Angeles. I only had time to record one song before my battery died on my camera. Big ups to Anton and the rest of the crew. For more info, please go to their website SimpleCitizens

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Google Voice

Google Voice sounds really useful. I'm going to try to get an invite and test it out.

Google assigns you a number that you can attach any line to. Basically it's call forwarding, but BETTER.

A Black President

Now that we have Obama, we no longer need a "Black Bush" LMAO

Chappelle's Show
Black Bush
Buy Chappelle's Show DVDsBlack ComedyTrue Hollywood Story

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

goldRush Teaser Trailer

Gold Rush: Official Trailer!!! from Craig Lieberman on Vimeo.

Jam Of The Day

RAH Band - Messages From The Stars

This fictitious studio group was masterminded by Richard A. Hewson (b. 17 November 1943, Stockton-on-Tees, Teeside, England). In the late 60s arranger, conductor and multi-instrumentalist Hewson worked with James Taylor and Herbie Hancock and arranged hits such as the Beatles "The Long And Winding Road' and Mary Hopkins" "Those Were The Days". His fame as an arranger spread and in the next decade he worked with artists including Supertramp, Diana Ross, Carly Simon, Art Garfunkel, Leo Sayer, Al Stewart, Chris DeBurgh, Fleetwood Mac and Chris Rea. In 1976 he decided to produce, write and play on his own records under the name RAH Band. In 1977 the instrumental "The Crunch" on Good Earth climbed into the UK Top 10. Three years later "Falcon" hit the Top 40 and started a long string of dance hits for the band. In 1985 "Clouds Across The Moon', with vocals by his wife Liz, gave him a second Top 10 single. Over the years the band have chalked up seven UK hits and have had records on a myriad of labels including DJM, KR, TMT, Sound, RCA, Supreme and Creole. Hewson, who in the 80s worked with Toyah and Five Star and produced big hits for Cliff Richard and Shakin" Stevens, now concentrates on writing and producing music for UK television shows and advertisements.
band info

iPhone3.1 Update Coming Soon

Here's a list of what's new and fixed

  • Options for MMS are back on AT&T, but not sending or receiving.
  • Non-destructive video editing means trimming a clip no longer saves over the original video but gives you the option to “Save as copy…”
  • Voice Control now works over Bluetooth
  • iPhone vibrates when moving icons
  • Updated AT&T profile to 4.2
  • Updated modem firmware to 5.08.01
  • Improvements to OpenGL and Quartz
  • APIs to allow third party apps to access videos and edit them
  • You can now paste phone numbers into the phone app’s dialer. This wasn’t possible under 3.0
  • While pasting phone numbers, a neat feature is that it will convert alphanumeric phone numbers into a real phone number (e.g. 1-800-FLOWERS becomes 1-800-356-9377)
  • Calendar appointment popup notifications now display the “Location” field from the calendar entry
  • Ability to save video attachments in emails to your camera roll
via BoyGeniusReport

That St. Ides

I remember watching St. Ides commercial back in the days during Yo Mtv Raps. Biggie just killed it on this commercial. The flow is dope and it still holds and it's far better than the bullshit that's out today. "Big Papa you all that."