Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend started on Friday afternoon. I went to Torrence to meet up with some friends at K1 (go-karts) and we managed to talk the workers there to letting us 4 have the track to ourselves for a bit. After that we headed down to Long Beach and met up with a few local GT-R owners and had dinner at Lucille's BBQ. The food was good, but damn you KP for talking me into getting that combo platter hahaha. Then Saturday morning a few of us met up again for Cars and Coffee in Irvine and then breakfast in Costa Mesa. Later the evening I headed to The Getty Museum to see Cut Chemist preform. The traffic was pretty bad because the parking lot was full and everyone and their mom was trying to go. A few of us ended up parking off Sunset Blvd and walked all the way to the Getty. When we got there a few of our friends were in line already so we cut the tram line hahaha. We got there just in time to see Cut Chemist setup and play.
On Sunday we went down to San Diego for the San Diego Comic Con. I haven't been to Comic Con in 4 years and I finally had free time to go this year. A lot has changed, but it was still fun meeting up with friends that were already there.

go-kart action

Traffic on Sepulveda Blvd to get to the Getty

At the Getty watching Cut Chemist tear it up

San Diego Comic Con Badge:
me: Chris
girl: Your name is actually Chris Brown?
me: Yes it is.
girl: I don't want to be your girlfriend, you'll hit me.
me: uncomfortable smile (to myslef rasict bitch hahaha)
Brown is not my last name, it's my Uncle's last name. It was easier to say yes.

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