Wednesday, June 25, 2008

slow ass day

Today is one of the slowest days ever this year for me. First off, I have jet lag. I woke to a phone call around 9am from one of my bosses. Then I got ready for work and headed to Best Buy to pick up my car navi unit that I took in for repair before I went on vacation. I can't wait to have a radio back in the truck again. Driving without music is fucking annoying. Sometimes I think and make statements out loud. I get to work around 11am and I see that 2 archives that I had left running last night have been suspended. After restating the archive I packed up my new broken headphones that i bought 2 months ago and shipped to Sony for repair. I must have the worst luck with headphones. I should be a headphones tester because I have broken 3 Bose Quiet Comforts 2's, 2 Sony noise cancellation headphones, and now my new Sony noise cancellation headphones. All these headphones are expensive too.

On top of all that I really hate my bullshit temp phone. I can barley hear people talk, so I ended up saying yeah, uh huh, mmm, a lot because I can't hear people talk sometimes. I've been waiting for my phone to come back to me since the end of April. I should have it back in 3/4 weeks, but when that happens the new touchscreen blackberry will come out in 4/5 months. What can you do?

I have something to look forward to tomorrow though. I'm going to see Katt Williams live. That will be fun and it's going to be a nigga night with a whole lot of nigga moments(Boondocks reference). I told myself that I won't be drinking for awhile, but i might have to for this event lol. Who's the lush?

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