Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm back...

I'm back and I'm tired due to jet lag. Ed and got back Friday morning. The flight wasn't that bad because I had several jack and cokes on the plane. The flight was shorter, about 2.5 hours shorter than projected.

So to recap the last week that you guys missed, this is what we did. That Saturday(June 14th)We headed off to Central Coast where Ed's cousin's live. That night I was introduced to a lot of Ed's family and it was fun. The next day we relaxed indoors all day playing Mario Kart 64. While staying there I discovered the greatest thing ever, Jack Daniel's and cola in a can or bottle. I was so surprised and happy i drank them all(not that night though lol). During our stay there, Jo's friend Liz took us to the Reptile Park which was cool. They even had kolas and kangaroos. Watching Ed with the koalas was like watching a kid 's face getting excited for ice cream. Ed and I both got driving time in Australia. Driving a manual on a RHD car was tricky at first because I was used to my LH driving habits. I stall a few times so what... :p
After that we headed to a Japanese garden where one of Liz's sisters got hitched. After goofin' off there she then took us to the beach. That was really cool. That day there were these 5ft swells pounding the shoreline. In the water you can several surfers totally shredding the gnar bro!

During the rest of the week we chilled. We also went to Hunter Valley which is Australia's Napa Valley. Later that night, Jo's mom told us to go to some club called Key Largo. It was cool if I liked house music but I throw back a few drinks and chilled watching everyone wyle out. The next day was easy and it was our last full day. We headed back to Sydney to Mike's place so we can hang out one last time in Australia. We went back to Sapphire in Kings Cross. The music was cool but we didn't hang out long because Mike had his last day of work in the morning.

That pretty much sums it all up. I enjoyed this trip because I found it to be relaxing which i rarely do if you know me. I have to constantly stay busy. Sometimes I had to kick that urge to constantly do something. I'm glad I'm back now and I have to get back to reality.

Please enjoy the pics.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, NOT! More like being raped by a ghost in a Japanese garden hahahahahaha

Ed being schooled by Liz's nephew Jacobis (Ed is trying to figure out where the figure fit puzzle pieces go - i was on the floor crying when i saw this).koala
The shore and not to far from here were kids shredding the waves.
I like taking random pictures of people...

Ed and I were wondering why kids in Australia were rocking Bathing Ape like it's the Gap, until we saw a bunch of knock offs in the mall.
I t took Ed a few hundred photos and poses to pull this off. (JD and cola in a bottle)
My turn
doesn't it look like a painting?
Ed and his sweets again (at the airport before we left).

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