Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The movies

I saw Wall-e today and I really enjoyed it. There are a lot of hater's out there that didn't like it. The only thing that I didn't like was the actual human element in it, meaning the live action sequences. It kinda threw it off for me. The next movie I want to see is Hancock, I have a feeling that will be fun, it won't be as good as Batman: The Dark Knight. My friend saw it last night and said that it's the best movie that he's seen his whole life. You know what? I believe him!

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elizabeth said...

hey chris!!! how are you??? i hope you have been well!!! i had a job interview last monday and i find out this week so excited aye... LOL but anyway i watched hancock last night good movie aye... but i left the movies saying to myself "what was that!" so i think i have to watch it again.. but it was a good movie... i hope you have fun at stevie wonder! it was x's birthday yesterday he is 2 now! so cute... jacobes is growing each day too! takecare chris and i will talk to you soon! :) liz