Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's all coming together

Awhile back I met Betim, Joey, and Jared over at BBI Autosports. These guys are really cool and when it comes to cars, they know their shit. I took my GT-R over there and I'm having them build some fun mods for my baby. Here's the list of mods that they'll be making:

- Exhaust
- Rear diffuser
- Trans oil cooler
- Steel braided brake lines
- 2nd oil cooler
-Front lip with brake ducts


Anonymous said...

any issues with CEL?

payne said...

No not with this set up. You can throw a cel with a mid pipe and and a straight pipe. The mid pipe has that BBI made is a cat delete with the muffler connected to it. After that turns into a center exit exhaust.