Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up(almost)

This week was interesting to say the least. I learned a bit more about myself and I also had some fun. This week started off with the usual(work) and I got to decorate the Christmas tree with the fam bam. Saturday came and went because it was very busy. I drove out to Fontana to a Nissan meet at Fontana Nissan. As soon as a jump onto the 10 freeway I see Terrance to my left in his blue GT-R and newly equipped Aeromotion's S2 wing. We both were heading the same direction(Arcadia) to meet up with a caravan to Fontana. We arrived at the meeting spot with several GT-R's waiting. The first car I see was Steve's car from Password JDM. That car has nothing but carbon fiber on it. The carbon fiber seats that he made for are amazing. After sitting in them, I decided that I WANT them. There were a few other cars there too. We all rallied upped in the rain and headed to Fontana Nissan.

Fontana Nissan pulled off a great event during the rain, no one seemed to mind really. There were a several 240's, 350z's, 370z's, pickup trucks, and of course the Nissan GT-R's. They provided Tommy's for everyone that came out and there was even a raffle in which I won a set of Berk Technology Hi Flow cats for a 370z. In all it was a good event and I got to hang out with a few of my friends. Later that evening I went to a Holiday party hosted by my friend Adam Bruce. I had a few drinks and a jello shot. A few more people showed up and we started playing Forza 3.

After the Holiday party I met up with my boy Moon and we jetted off to the Roosevelt for the Luxury 4 Play Gold Rush DVD release and Gold Rush 2KX party. It was cool to see those guys again. I got a copy of the DVD and I can't wait to watch it. After that Moon and I headed to the Echoplex for some event that J-Logic was throwing. I really didn't have a god time there because it wasn't my steeze at all. I'm not a big fan of GasLamp Killer or Dam Funk. I'm sure they're cool peoples, but their music just doesn't appeal to me at all. The funniest thing that happened that night was when we were outside, this kid was sitting down on the bench. He went to get up, but lost footing, more like he didn't move his feet at all the walk and he fell and tumbled onto his face. Moon and I couldn't stop laughing about it. What made even more funny was that he chilin' there for a minute and he started hollaring at these girls that saw the whole thing. I guessing he was trying to play it off like nothing happened. So yeah that's about it. Sunday Morning I have Buckets & Brunch(almsot like a Cars and Coffee meet) and then the rest of the day is free to do whatever.


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