Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Aeromotion's R2 Wing v2

We'll be launching the new R2 in 3 weeks. Word is getting out, so we're going to spill it all here.

The heart of our wing is the high downforce, low drag blade. With GT-R's knocking at the door of 1000hp (Chuck), and getting into the standing mile runs, we've had to beef up the carbon. The new R2 is speed rated to 250mph, and made in the USA. Have fun! The Static R2 is still just $1,699, and worth a second off your lap time.

Now, for the really exciting news. The new R2 mounts in the stock GT-R wing location. Pull off the stock wing, throw on the R2, you're ready to race. The plates (feet) that cover the holes also serve to reinforce the deck lid to handle the high downforce of our wings. Here's the best part. You have to drill one extra hole per side to mount the wing. However, that hole is hidden by the OE wing if you go back to stock . . . like it was never there.

For the R2.TWO Dynamic Wing. We're integrating the computer and controller into one simple to install package. Three wires and you're done. No more feedback cables, etc. It's also made to be erased. It will rivet to the top of the deck lid (you take off that black trim piece). If you drill out the rivets, and replace the trim, you're back to stock.

There's a slight style update as well. The end plates are now murdered out, black anodized aluminum with laser etched logo's.

Below are some pics of load testing the new blades. The first pic is the wing AFTER we took all the weights off it. Good as new! That's 860lbs of load on the wing (~210mph). For the hanging pic, we used the R2 upright attachment points to hoist 550lbs. (Yes, the gantry is aeromotions orange) .

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