Monday, June 7, 2010

Get Him To The Greek Quotes

1. "I feel like you're treating me like a 50's house wife and killing my dreams!"

2. "I'm mind fucking you. My dick is in your mouth"

3. "Well, you better wear a condom cuz I have a real dirty mind!"

4. "You're 5 zippers away from a thriller jacket"

5. "I woke up with glitter on my cock."

6. "When life hands you a jeffery just stroke the furry wall..."

7. "I own 21 Koo Koo Roo's, I'm going to be alright... People love chicken."


Anonymous said...

Do you know how many air jordan's six black kids wear?!

I'm having a heart attack!

I'm gonna put fur on the outside of my house. That shit's gonna look like a fuckin werewolf!

payne said...

The movie was pretty funny, but I hyped it up too much for myself. There were some funny lines in that movie.

"Put the candy in the jar."

Anonymous said...

where the f*ck are you?
im going to kill you

SnAkE IzE said...

Aldous Snow: What you did was very spiteful, but it was also very brave and very honest and I respect you for doing that. But the content of what you said has made me hate you. So there's a layer of respect, admittedly, for your truthfulness, but it's peppered with hate. Hateful respect.

Sergio Roma (Sean Combs): I'm mind f**king you right now.
Aaron Green: Well I hope you have a condom cause I have a dirty mind.

Aaron Green: What is this middle Earth? Just get us to the f**king airport!

Sergio Roma: Time to get our mind-f**k on.

Jonathan Snow: I'm responsible for your talent, son. I wrote all your songs off the tip of my c**k.
Aldous Snow: Yeah, I just don't get how talent can be contained in one's spunk

Sergio: Your job is to control your artist. If he's too messed up you hit him with this adrenaline needle.
Aaron: You mean like from Pulp Fiction?

Sergio Roma: Where are you? Why haven't you called? I'm calling you right now and I just got hit by a motherf**king car.

Aaron Green [While Sergio is chasing them through a hotel corridor]: This is the longest hallway of all time!
Aldous Snow: It's Kubrickian!

Matty (Aziz Ansari): Man, that opening party was incredible. Check out the pictures on myspace. There's one of me eating cheese off some girl's titties.
Aaron Green: Please just lie to me and say I didn't miss another awesome party.
Matty: You missed an awesome party. I woke up with glitter on my d*ck.

Aaron Green: I feel like I'm in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Sergio Roma: If he tells you to stick the drugs in your ass, you stick them in your ass.

Aaron Green [Aaron has a balloon full of heroin up his ass]: Oh, no.
Aldous Snow: What?
Aaron Green: I have to sneeze... and I'm afraid that if I do... my bowels will evacuate...

Sergio Roma: Do you have any ideas how many Air Jordans six black kids wear?

Aldous Snow [Aldous sees Sarah Marshall on TV]: Didn't I have sex with her once?
Aldous Snow: Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Sergio Roma: You can't outrun me! I'm black!

Aaron Green: I think I just got raped.
Aldous Snow (Colm Meaney) [hands him a joint]: Only one thing to do.
Aaron Green [taking a hit]: Uh, guys? What is this stuff? My heart's going really fast.
Aldous Snow: Oh, it's a bit of this, a bit of that. It's called a Jeffrey. It's mostly weed, with a bit of opium as well... ground-up E's... heroin... chlorox...
Aaron Green: I think I'm having a heart attack.

Jonathan Snow: That's the best part about the Jeffrey. It goes away and then it comes back.

Aldous Snow: When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall.

Aldous Snow: Aaron, look at what you're wearing. Do you think that now you live in Seattle, you're grunge or something? You look like a lesbian.
Aaron Green: Play the song, man.

Anonymous said...

those were all added to and wrong