Friday, April 3, 2009

GT-R Battle Round 2

On Sunday I woke up got the car washed and I met up with my friend Terrance who owns a black GT-R. Terrance and I went to go pick you Blu on our way to Buttonwillow. After picking up Blu we all topped off at the gas station and headed straight to Buttonwillow Raceway. The drive was ok with minor slow downs because some people are just retards when it comes to driving.
We Arrive at Buttonwillow a little after 2pm. When got there I was greeted by some friends of mine Darin, John, Greg, Greg, Peter, David, Jon, Richie, and Shawn. John was taking part in the RedLine Time Attack event that had going on that weekend. John was averaging low 2's or 2 flat(not as good as our last run back in Dec.). It was good to see John run in this event. As soon as I get my skills up I'll do it. Hell I might even do it with Sean Morris.
After The Time Attack we hopped into the car and drove to The DoubleTree in Bakersfield where we met up with the rest of the GT-R crew. Blu and I got settled in and joined our friends for dinner at Black Angus. The dinner was ok, it was my first time eating there, but what made the whole evening great was spending time with these great people. We all had interesting conversations. A lot of people kept commenting about my hair because I had cut it. Don't worry guys it'll grow back hahaha.
Sunday Morning we all wake up and got ready for another fun filled track day. I this time I had Blu drive because I wanted her to get used to the manual paddle shifting in the car. If she couldn't handle it, it would meant that she would have to drive in automatic mode on the track(Hell No!! hahaha j/k). When we arrived at the track I saw some more familiar faces and friends. They came out the the event to have a good time and get ride a longs in the GT-R. Around 8am we had our driver's meeting to go over over flags and groups. James Chen from Axis Wheels went over a few things and then we were off to fun on the track. I got setup and took Blu out on the track as a passenger so she can get a feel for it and try to memorize the lines(oh I forget she has a short memory hahaha j/k). I did about 4 laps and pulled in the pit. We switched seats and strapped in. James was still on the track so we did a lead-follow with him. Basically James drove at a moderate pace so she can learn the lines and then we picked up the pace a bit with every lap. I was impressed the way she handled herself being it was her first time on the track. It got tricky for her later on in the day when she didn't have anyone to follow and me yelling,"BRAKE, SHIFT, SHIFT!!!!" hahaha. Yes at times she would forget the shift and would
just ping the hell out of the car.

Blu in the pit getting ready to hit the track for the first time
Blu flying down the straight away
Me on the other hand I had lots of fun. I took a few people out for ride a longs including Matt Farrah from Garage419. We had a blast and I even went sideways off the track with him in it hahaha. Actually I went off the track about 3 times that whole day, but it was ok. I was really impressed with myself this time around. I was getting faster times than our last event. Throughout the day we driving, filming, and photo shoots. Everyone had a blast and I'm looking forward to the next GT-R Battle Round 3.
By the way during dinner on Sunday. James mentioned a something about a track day on the 7th of April at Laguna Seca. My eyes lite up and I said, "Yes I'm so there hahaha!" So it turns out that on April 7th yours truly will be driving the GT-R on Laguna Seca with James, Darin, and John. Oh boy I really cannot wait for this to happen. I hear so many good things about that track. Well until then I hope you all enjoy the pics from what I have so far and there's a BIG Video being put together by Craig. I can't wait to see that.I like my girls dirtyJames Chen Axis WheelsSean Morris a classic Nissan Skyline R32 GT-RJohn(NeoSeven) Amuse GT-RDarin Budez.comMichael testing out the new AreoMotions wingDarin, James, Michael, Switchcars, and John in a GT-R Battle video shootPeter running things on the trackMy Gun Metal GT-R lined up with a 370z for a photo shootBlu and I chilling

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