Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Friday... Again

Today I'm at work sitting at my desk not really sure about what I'm going to be working on next while I wait on a render that should have been completed last night. I just kicked off a new render and now I'm going to search for music and look up stupid internet videos while I write this entry hahaha. So tomorrow by boy Moon and I are going to check G.I. Joe. I'm not excited to see this movie, so my expectations are very low. If it does suck I won't be disappointing hahaha.

I had a pretty relaxing evening last night. My friend Lynn from Otis College was in town and I met up with her, her dad(I haven't seen him since 2001), Shawn, and a few others college friends. We had dinner at RUSH in Culver City. The place was pretty good and had a cool vibe. The conversations were all over the place during dinner, but we all had a good time. Thanks for coming out Lynn(miss you). After that I went over to Afex(bar/club) for some 90's hip hop dance sessions. It seemed like a slow night, but it soon picked up and a few of my boys came through which was cool. They had a little trouble at the door trying to get in. I really don't know what's up with that place because the bouncer doesn't like to let people in. He always telling people that it's guest list only or special invite which a lie, because I never once got an invite nor have I ever rsvp'd for that place. Anyways... Nicole went up to one of the DJ's that was spinning that night and told him that it was her birthday so he went and got them all in. What was really funny was that the DJ was getting her drinks throughout the night because it was her birthday hahaha. Poor Nicole, she had too much to drink HAHAHAHA. Good times...

Back to Friday(today), yeah I don't know what I'm doing. I just spoke to the 2D coordinator and he doesn't have a clue. They told me to stop working on a shot yesterday and then he tells me to work on it, but make sure it's in a good place if we have to revisit it again. I asked him what do you guys want? You want to me to work on it or not? Now he's going to find me some bullshit clean up task... ugh... I'm over it all ready.

Tonight I'm going out to hang out with my boy Adey. We are going to celebrate his birthday so this should be fun. I haven't hung out with him in a minute.

And on that note...

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