Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Craigslist funny

This ad in Craigslist is pretty funny:

Im done being a cool guy so now its your turn. Perfect for the someone in the range of 5'5 to 6'4. Goes great with cutoff jeans, messenger bags, Toms shoes, or any vegan that likes albums you havent heard yet from bands you'll never know/ understand. 700c Weinmann wheels in great condition, sealed ball bearing all around (wheels, cranks). Its a simple plain bike that feels really solid and light. Like i said im done being a cool guy, my girlfriend with a weird haircut left me for some guy with v necks and an ironic mustache. It is a nice bike you can come try it out.

Willing to trade for other bikes/ canon lenses/ canon speedlite/ projector/ honda civic 1991 parts/ musical instruments

james 619-988-2704
image 1354056772-0 image 1354056772-1
image 1354056772-2


thanx Gav

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