Sunday, September 6, 2009

Work & Art

So far this Labor Day weekend I've been working on a Nike commercial that was directed by David Fincher and it was shot using our RED Camera. The spot should air some time next week during the football games. So last night I hit up my friend Mels and she told me about some art show that was going on that night. Since I'm into art and I had nothing else to do, why not go. I rolled up a little past 8pm and the show was at an old record store(Martin Record's) that I used to shop at, but now it's an art gallery/graffiti store. Little did I know that I knew a kid that had a piece in there. It was a pretty cool motion graphics piece that was done for Computer Jay. After hanging out for a bit, I stroll outside and I see my friends Adam Jones of "Tool" and Matt Santoro walking up. It was cool to see those guys again. Here are a few pics for you guys and gals.

These were very cool

Automotive paint on plexiglass

Mix media: digital print on canvas & paint(mixed)


The hallway to the back/outside
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