Thursday, October 1, 2009

In New York

I took Virgin America to New York over JetBlue because I've heard so many good things about it. The thing is this, they forgot to mention that you have to pay for "EVERYTHING". OK, not exactly everything, because the ginger ale was free and I had 2 of them. The movies cost $8 each, my audio on my earphone receiver sucked. It sounded the vocals sounded like scrambled noise and I could only hear the BG music of the free tv shows. I've never been so annoyed on an airplane. I hope my flight back will be better.

boarding ticket

from the plane

I finally arrived to JFK and my phone was about to die and I tried to not use as much. As soon as I got to my friend's house, my phone died and I couldn't find it his place because there were no visible address numbers, so for a half hour I was roaming around for 2 blocks trying to find his place. Thank god I finally found it.

Next day(today)...
Pretty chill so far just walked around and hanging out at Neil's shouting the shit. Saw Mike B from the Beastie Boys ride by me on his bike. Stopped by the Burton store to pick up some new gloves for this coming snowboarding season. For lunch, Jeff took me to Katz's for their pastrami sandwich. I must say that it was pretty damn good. Jeff also took me to a place called Cakeman Raven's for their famous red velvet cake(I know... I'm such a fat ass hahaha).


Late tonight, Jeff, Trish and I will go to East Village for Japanese food(I haven't been there in 4 years) and then meet up with Jerrod for his 31st birthday. It should be a fun and interesting night.

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