Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday drinks!!!!!!

Friday started night started out with watching Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop which was very interesting. First off the Film is not a documentary on Banksy, but about a guy named Thierry Guetta who started filming street artist and then later started going street art. What's funny was how he came up and exploited street art and made a killing off it even though he wasn't a real street artist. I consider him more of a poser. After the show, we ended it with some Umami Burger.

Saturday was kinda started out as whatever. I got a chance to see my car, but no pictures this time. Later that evening My friend Jon and I went to TFA MMA caged fight that one of my Rocky friend's was in. Rocky was the 8th match on the line up so were able to see some pretty bad bad fight and also some good ones. Rocky's turn came up and he ended up winning his match in 23 seconds by TKO. It was such an amazing event and to see our friend win really made it special.

After the event I headed over to the Gumball 3000 kick off party in Hollywood and meet up with a few friend's and then later I bounced to another spot which was dead.

Sunday was cool because I picked some Dinah's chicken for lunch and headed to the Dodger game with my friend Mike, his friend, and Gladys. Since Gladys is a Giants fan only when the play the Dodger's she roots for them. Too bad the Giants lost hahahahaha. The Dodger's pulled off an amazing win when they substituted a player and brought in Manny. Manny hit a home run for a 2 run win. In all it was an ok weekend...

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