Saturday, March 14, 2009

Something Cool And Different

I was reading my boy's blog and he posted something really cool. I've seen this about a month ago, but I lost the link. I suggest you all check it out.
link: gavinsd

kutimanPEEP THIS LINK! –>
Kutiman engineers a bunch of unrelated youtube videos together to compile 7 tracks. They’re all fresh and there is something for everybody, but 7 (embedded below) is the one you should peep. You can easily follow the original samples that were used in these videos.

Such a sick concept; fresh, simple, creative, turning a media site into a canvas. This kind of creativity inspires all. It’s the reward for those who expresses their soul through youtube. Sounds cheesy but watch, we’ll start seeing more of these.

Kutiman is a one-man show from Isreal who usually brings his friends to improve his sound. It’s a fusion of afrobeat, funk, heavy psych, reggae, rnb, and general groove. His album seems timeless and fits many moods. Below are some tracks from his album.

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