Thursday, January 21, 2010

Track of the Week

O.C. - Ma Dukes
Another classic hiphop album from the mid 90's when hip hop was absolute best. It's just amazing how we went form good music to straight up bullshit on the radio. To be honest I can't remember the last "new" album I bought, but the last album I did buy was Dj Quik's first album, "Quik is the Name". Anyways enjoy this track from O.C., he has a lot more bangers than this here.

"I say one for the fam, two for good judgment
Bad luck to trife, good luck to stay above it
Trial and error"- O.C.

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MindlessOath said...

true that. i think it was the death of Tupac that changed everything. death row was run by a gangster, no a real life gang and once that turned sour music changed and corporations and greed made it worse. we need real gangsters to run the show.