Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Things About Me

This is for the people that know me, don't know me, and want to know me.

1. My middle name is Allen

2. I have a fraternal twin brother and I was always told that I was going to be taller than him(Lies I tell you). He's 2 inches taller than me

3. I have a fit when I eat spicy or hot food

4. I dislike the color pink and my ex-girlfriend gave me a surprise pink birthday party (classy lol).

5. I enjoy what I do for living(Visual Effects), but I have other plans that I would like to pursue.

6. I'm the biggest De La Soul fan that you'll ever meet, PERIOD!

7. My mother passed away when I was 15 and then my aunt took care of my brother and I. Then she passed away when we were 18.

8. If I'm not working or if I get time off from work, I need to stay busy. I really don't know how to settle down and relax. I've been working non stop since high school.

9. I enjoy flying to Japan and hanging out with my friends out there.

10. I won't eat mushrooms or avocado.

11. Huge Michael Bay fan

12. Recently found a new hobby that's very expensive, but I enjoy it. (Tracking my car with my friend's)

13. I didn't start drinking alcohol until late 23.

14. Favorite drink is Ginger Ale with lime

15. Favorite adult beverage is a Long Island Ice Tea

16. Sometimes I like to take a joke too far so I can see how others react

17. I played baseball when I was younger. Then in Jr. High I broke my arm and that ended my dreams of becoming a baseball player.

18. Growing in the my friend's and I used to throw smoke bombs into a corner store in our neighborhood hahaha (it's a bit silly now, but we were kids).

19. I own 110 pairs of shoes. I stopped buying shoes for awhile. The last pair I bought was a pair of Nike Air Max 1's with a safari print back in December.

20. I once danced with a ladyboy (Shut up). Not fun at all

21. Best trip I ever took was to Jamaica

22. I have too many hoodies and zip-ups

23. Favorite colors are purple, green, yellow, and orange

24. I enjoy snowboarding and will drop almost anything to go up. Even if it's for a day trip to Mammoth

25. I cut my hair once every year or year and a half.

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