Sunday, February 8, 2009

What A Weekend!

Friday started off sad because I had to go to a my friend April Whang's funeral(R.I.P). I'm glad I got to know here and she made everyone smile. Every time I saw her she was full of joy and excitement. She will be missed.

Later that night Mike Phan and I hit up LAX for chilled there for a minute and we ran into Moon and Leonard, but they went back to Highlands. After the club, Mike and I headed over to Drop(afterhours) and had a really good time. I saw Mel, Art, Joe, and a few others.

Saturday was somewhat of a busy day. I went to work for a bit and around 5pm, I met up with my boy Darin and Natasha from Vegas, and a few other people over at the Peterson Automotive Museum. We had dinner at Koji in Hollywood and Highlands Plaza. After dinner I headed off to downtown for Eiman's 30th birthday party. The party was at 800 Wilshire at a place called Congo Room. I had some fun there and I saw a lot of old friends that I haven't seen in a minute. It was great to catch up. I was there for awhile and then I had to go to my friend Jade's 29th birthday party over at Jimmy's Lounge. Man talk about having fun. That was one of the best night so far for me in 2009. I almost died of laughter hahahaha. We saw this one guy totally eat shit. He was on his way to the dance floor with a drink in hand and I guess he's foot caught the last step and he then preceded to slide across the floor, but saving the $11 drink hahhaha. He hit the ground pretty hard and we just started laughing our asses off.
Then that night we were teasing Ed(I love Ed he's too damn funny), because the way he was wearing he's beanie made his hair look like he was rocking a Cesar hair cut. Ed got annoyed and walked away and that's when we saw "FUTURE ED" hahahaha. This looked just like Ed, but chunky. We even managed to take a picture of "FUTURE ED". I love how we are sneaky with the pics
So later on I ended up battling some girl on the dance floor.

Present Ed

Future Ed
From back to front: Ed, moon, and myself
Brandon, myslef, and Moon She was good, but not that good. I had to school her with a few moves. Our boy Uncle L(Leonard) then got "BUSY with some chocolate girls. Yo, she was grinding all over him, the shit was comedy. Next Uncle L was this cat that we met at random and he started to freak one the blacks girls. Let me tell you, it didn't turn out pretty at all. He ended up being "RAPED" on the dance floor. She turned him around, put him on the floor on all fours and started to just bang him from behind doggy style while putting a Volcan death grip on his neck. I was laughing all the way to bed that night.

Uncle L loves the chocolate
Man rape

Sunday I woke up around 5:45 and got ready to go for a car meet and a drive in the Malibu Canyon's with my friends Darin and Tasha from Veags, Dilan, Jason, Aimee, Mikey, Verone, and a few other cats from L4P. The drive was good and we eat at a spot called Paradise Cove in Malibu. After eating we all got to goof off and take pics. After a full day of diving I headed to Moon's crib and chilled for the the evening and bounced back home. I had plans of going to the Mos def concert, but I was too tired from going out during the week.

Verone and I acting like fools hahahaha
This is our take on Milli Vanilli
I'm always dancing...
Group pic but missing a few driver's

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