Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last Night

After a long ass day of working almost 15 hours yesterday. I was on my way home and and was talking to my boy Mike Phan. I was going to go straight home but he suggested that we go to Kitchen 24 to get some grub. I was cool with that so I picked him up. He told me that Winston's was jumping off tonight. I was was down to check it out and sure enough, it was was. DJ Spider was spinning, but it was preselected mix because it was to a video playing on the monitors made as if he were scratching the video. It was a cool presentation to say the least. There were a few celebs there such as LMFAO. I never really heard any of their music, but these cats were wylin' out. One thing that this place didn't have a lack was hipsters. Here's the thing, "I CAN NOT STAND HIPSTERS!" Why do you people have to wear your girlfriend's jeans and sang them so hard. The shit is no cool. That's it I'm doing a book and it's all going to be about hipsters. I have a few pics so it's on. I'll go on about my opinion about hipsters later.

Anyways the night was good. I ran into a few heads that I knew, my boy Matt(haha he lives around the corner from me), and Aaron from Eagle Rock. After the spot closed we headed to Kitchen 24 to get some food. I have noticed that there have been a lot of cops out and about lately. Last week they gave me a ticket for not having a front plate even though I had my reg tag in the front of the car(I'm not going to lie but my car is 7 months old hahahaha). Back to the Kitchen 24. It's a cool little spot and it was my first time there. The vibe is pretty chill and the service wasn't bad. I can see myself going there again after a club or just to get something to eat late at night.

Well I'm back at work and it's time for me to put in another long ass day... Talk you all later

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