Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My loaner Car For My GT-R

I took my car in for it's service 12k service today i kinda turned it in a bit late(more like 13k). They gave me a rental car and I must say the rental car guys gave me the worst car ever considering that I drive a 80k car (WTF a Nissan Sentra). The out was clean with a few scratches here and there. The inside was a different story. It looked like trash, the seats were all dirty, the floor mats looked like it's been to Vegas and back and then back again. I'm afraid to take a blacklight to it hahaha I'm the type of person to complain, but DAMN really!?! I had to go to work and good thing it's only for the day. It's not Nissan's fault, it's the car rental people for giving me crappy ass car because they don't the value of cars.

I don't even know what this warning light means
I don't even want to know

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Daniel Rasmussen said...

You had low tire pressure.