Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend wrap up

Last week was a busy week with work and going out every single night. I was out and about til 3am every night. Monday was chill I hung out with my boy Josh and I ran into Reza MrMota. Tuesday I hung out with Josh again and his girl. We attempted to go to MyHouse formerly known as Garden of Eden. That really didn't work out because there was a mad line and chaos. Wednesday was cool. I ran into an old girlfriend Lamaya Good and her sister Megan Good. After that I chilled with Ron from Tanabe USA and his peeps. Thursday was just a crazy ass night with my boy Donnie and a few co-workers. Friday was chill. I went to Bordello Bar off 1st in downtown for my friend's birthday. After that I bounced to J Lounge and I met up with Ed, Rolls, Leonard, Darwin, Brandon, and a few other cats. I ended that night off a bacon wrapped hot dog. That shit was so good. Saturday was a busy day. I had paintball in the morning at SC Village in Chino (which is too damn far). I ended getting shot in the toe, shin, and the neck all at the same time in session. My neck looks like a monkeybite or like a bruise because I fell off a bike(there's a back story to that hahaha thanx G). I would to thank the asshole for doing that. After wrapping up paintball, I headed over to my boy Moon's house and chilled for a minute. We went out for dinner and had some shabu shabu. Later that night I went to Donnie loft in Downtown and did a little pre drinking and we all hopped into a shuttle to Blue Velvet. Sunday was all work no play. I wonder what next week brings? All I know is that there better be some MF'n snow involved for the weekend.
By the way I'm turning 30 in 11 days. The plans are to go to Vegas and go big or go home. We'll see how it works out. My tuner Betim from BBI Autosports told me that SEMA has nothing on what we're going to do that weekend. I should starting throwing up now hahahaha... god.

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