Thursday, January 1, 2009

Buttonwillow GT-R Track Day

I would like to thank everyone for coming out. It was really the best time I've had on the track. My first time at Buttonwillow with John(NeoSeven on NAGTROC) in early October was fun, but it was nothing like this. I would like to give a big shout out to Darin for really putting this all together. It all started with an idea of Darin wanting to do a test day at the track after SEMA. John and I were down, but Darin wouldn't have been able to do certain things on open test day. So we all decided to rent the track for the day. The 3 of us came up with a date and we started to spread the word on multiple forums and blogs(Big shout out to Nagtroc, Sean Morris - 2009gtr, Ian - GTR Center, Kris - GTRblog, and Luxury4play). It wasn't easy to get people signed up at first, but then they started to come in one by one.
I drove into town(Bakersfield) late Sunday night and stayed at the Doubletree. When I pull into the parking lot there were about 9 or 10 (modded and stock) GT-R's all lined up. The next morning (Monday Dec. 29th 2008), it's about 33 degrees outside and we all do a little meet and greet in the parking lot. after meeting everyone that stayed at the hotel, we rallied up the troops and started our caravan to Buttonwillow. Let me tell this, seeing 9-10 Gt-R's driving down the street in a line is absolutely amazing. You either get a big grin on your face or your jaw just drops to the ground.
Pulling into Buttonwillow, we see Sean Morris already there and then later the other GT-R's strolled in. After everyone settled down we got ready for our driver's meeting that James(Axis Wheels)and John provided. They went over track rules and procedures so everyone can be safe and most importantly have fun. After the meeting was over we did some lead and follow runs ran by James and John so people will see the lines and get acquainted with the track. After a few runs, Godzilla was unleashed at Buttonwillow. We had people running their car in sub 2 minute times. The fastest time put out on the track was John's car @ 1:57.7 then followed by James @ 1:58.

Thank you Darin(Kunani), John(NeoSeven), James(axis007), Peter(peterkl), John(2007C6Z06), Glenn, Greg S., Vic(Tradervic), 700credit, Jon(ZIELSPORTS), MYWIFEBOUGHTIT, Sean Morris, Craig Lieberman, Dilan, Jason, and the whole Buttonwillow staff. We couldn't have done this with you, thank you.

Caravan from the Doubletree Hotel to Buttonwillow(I'm the 4th car from the light).

On the 5 freeway not too far from Buttonwillow.
Just arrived at the track and getting ready.
Sean Morris literally chillin (35 degrees outside)
John about to jack shit up LOL.
Darin's new shoes
Peter's black GT-R
Me being silly crew (minus John)
Craig, you are too damn funny. Thanks for coming out
Track pics (shots taken by Dilan, Jason, and Adam)
All the owners: 10 cars in picture. The other 2 cars left (from left to right: Darin, John, James, Me, Jon, Peter, John, Mywifeboughtit, Vic, and, 700credit).

Video coming soon :)

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