Tuesday, January 6, 2009

mammoth was AWESOME!!!

I went up to Mammoth on Friday, but got there late. We were trying hit up the bar for last call, but work kept me from doing that. Anyways Sabrina and I headed out and got there around 2:30am and checked into a high class spot called Motel 6. Very nice spot and I highly recommend it (hahaha j/k). The next morning we went up to Canyon Lodge and meet a pretty cool guy named Miguel who was here with his wife and we also found out that he lives not to far from Sabrina and I. We rode up with him and then parted ways when we got off chair 18. Sabs and I hit chair 9 several times which had some fresh powder runs in the trees. After riding for a few hours it was bar time and I had a nice Long Island to quench my thirst. The best part of the day was hitting the backside of mammoth. It's so dope back there. Sabrina and I have this friendly competition thanks to my man Jeremy. She's faster than me and I always try to catch up. The only thing I have over her is that I straight kill it on boarder cross and leave her ass in the dust.

After a long day of riding we then hit the hot tub. It was about 17 degrees outside and the hot tube was mad lovely. We were just kicking back drinking and chatting it up to some cats that were staying at the condo where the hot tub was. It was time to bounce to get something to eat and I was feeling pretty lovely after the drink I made myself. We ate at a spot called Angels and it wasn't too bad. I had another drink and then another. We finished dinner and headed out to the village to start the mother lovin' party. We walked into Lakanuki had a few more drinks and waited for the DJ to set up. We met these 2 girls at the bar that were pretty cool but mad young. One had a 1 year old kid back home and the other had some trout talking her ear off on her right. These girls were pretty funny, they kept calling me afro for the rest of the night. The DJ finally hooked everything up and the "dance machine" came out with a quickness. I was cold wrecking shop. At the end of the night I saved Sabrina from a BIG lesbian and also from the awful pita pit.

Sunday was even better, the skies were blue and hardly any wind. We rode the backside and boarder cross all day. I was pooped after 2 solid days of riding. It was time to head back home. Oh the way back we stopped in Bishop to gas up and eat. We stopped at this market/gas station called Giggles. Sabrina ordered a sandwich and I couldn't believe how big this six inch sandwich was. We ended up splitting it and ate in the car. For the people that know me, they know that I'm a little bitch when it comes to spicy or hot foods. As I'm eating the sandwich, I look at Sabrina and said, "Why is this SO SPICY!!?!! Is there spicy mustard in here?" She just looks at me told me no. Now my mouth is burning up and I kept eating. I couldn't take anymore and I open the sandwich to see what the fuck was so spicy. I couldn't believe this girl didn't tell me that there were a shit load of pepper chines in it. I look at her and I'm like, WTF!!!! She just busted out in tears because it was too damn funny to her. Oh to make matters worst as I'm eating this big ass sandwich in the car. A guy walks by the front of the car and was staring at me for the longest time as I'm trying to stuff this big ass sandwich in mouth. Seriously, who in the hell looks at another man eat trying to eat a big ass sandwich that can't really fit in the mouth...
Anyways in all it was a dope trip, got drunk, danced, and hit the pow wow. I'm looking forward to going back up in next week with the Covina kids.

Sabrina and I goofin' off. (for some reason she calls me CPK.. I forget why)

mammoth 01/03 from chris payne on Vimeo.

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Sabrina said...

that was awesome!! i didn't authorize the use of my image here though :) by the way, pita pit didn't kill me this past weekend. yummmmm...i'm back on the pita train baby! i call you CPK so i don't mix you up with Radcliffe :) ya heeeaaaaarrrrrdddddddd bbbbbrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.........xxoxoxoxoxxo....sabs