Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday night out...


Today was a usual day at work. I worked 11 hours and bounced around 9pm. I headed home at then around 10:24 I picked my boy Josh up from the 24hr fitness gym by the Archlight and from there we headed to a bar by his house. We threw back a few drinks and talked about what's going with the both of us(mainly about me hahaha). While we were talking I see a black Range Rover Sport roll up and it's my man Reza. I haven't seen him in a minute. He's been traveling lately and it was his birthday over the weekend. He rolled up with a few other peoples and we all chilled and shared a few laughs. I'd say it was a good night.

From the conversation I had with Josh, I really need to focus on myself and figure what I really want to do with myself. I'll be having dinner with him soon the week of our birthday before I bounce to Vegas(Go big or go home right!?!)

Right now it's Tuesday morning and I'm watching VH1 Soul. If you know me, you know that I only watch VH1 Soul or MTV Jams on T.V. or any recorded show from the DVR.

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