Thursday, January 29, 2009

From Celebs To Old And New Friends

Last night I went out to a place called "The Cat Club" and saw "The Jane Carrey Band preform (Jim Carrey's Daughter). She and her band were pretty good. I really didn't know what to expcet when I got there. On top of that I was chilling with Randy Jackson (American Idol and America's Best Dance Crew) of all people and he's mad cool dog hahaha. After that I headed to a spot called Moscow (where Bounce Rock used to be) . I wasn't really feeling the vibe there beacuse it was an all ages hipster scence. I never felt so out of place. The funniest thing about going there was that I ran into a few ladies that I haven't seen in years. Megan Good she's cool peoples. I haven't seen her since 2005 at White Lotus. We were catching up and then she grabs this girl and said, "Hey you remember her?" The Girl turns around and says, "Hi I'm Mya." I look at her and I'm like you have got to be kidding me right now. I just step back to look at her and I can see the look on her face and the wheels turning in her head as she's trying to figure out where she knows me from. Then Bam it hits her hahaha. It's Lamaya Good (Megan's older sister). Lamaya and I used to date for awhile. I was like, "Wow I haven't seen you since high school!" She was cool and we caught up. I also ran into Amy Bell (Ricky Bell of New Edition and BBD's wife). I haven't seen her in 11 years. I'm glad that those girls are doing well.
Later that night I said my goodbye's, because I had to bounce to Falcon. My man Ron from Tanabe USA hit me up to come through. While at was at Falcon, I met some really cool cats. Ron and his crew were hilarious. I will be chilling with these cats again very soon. In all I'd say it was a very interesting night out.

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