Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still Searching...


You never hear a weh the Jr. say
See many girls who look so fine
And still I'm searching even night and day
An can't find a gal who look so lovely
You never hear wey the muffin say
Trod through the valley of the sweat and tears
And still he's searching even night and day
Can't find a gal who look so lovely

Woman I would like to let you know just how this man feel
And express myself so the secret reveal
Gal me love you like how Georgie love cornmeal
I would like the privilege for me and you just fi deal
Well, full dedication I'm taking for real
You and me was meant to be just like a pedal and wheel
You a the treasure everyman want to steal
Excellent qualities with cross over appeal
Take you on a trip through the West Indies
Or maybe me and you can spend some time overseas
Well, smile fi awhile then she bawl yes please
Gwan Jr. Gong go show your expertise
Well, right then and there mi observe wey mi need
She's sweet than the honey that we get from the bees
Right at my finger tips is to touch and to tease
Cause mi de in a di program from mi eye deh a mi knees
Ital stew under nuff gungu peas
She want a real Raggamuffin to hug and to squeeze

Still Searching...

Some girl in the twinkling of an eye
Dem ah ready fi come pull down mi Karl Kani
Oh come on now
Tell me how can I
Love ah one dat really don't deserve me
Natural fi keep and natural preserve me
Me is ah boy could get a whole heep ah girl ya heard me
Many are called but only few deemed worthy
Body have ta physically strong and sturdy
Spiritually balanced fi clean and purge me
Mentally advanced fi always urge me
Read couple books and challenge the clergy
Read a couple psalms up inna the morning early


Could you be so kind
Then show me a sign
I've been searching and it's so hard to find
Decent values with a decent wine
Decent jubee running it down the line
Maybe it's my mind
Maybe I'm blind
Maybe it's the way that I've been spending my time
I'm still searching for a fine peace of mind (piece of mine)
Decent jubee running it down the line

CHORUS (Yami Bolo)

A little child has grown
And he's got love on his mind
But what he'll never know
A virtuous woman is hard to find

CHORUS (Stephen Marley)

And dat's when she said
She feels the pain
And she'll never fall
In love again


So if you is a gyal with whole heep of value
What a valuable nice and decent gyal you
When I get you I'll be glad I got you
Then stand firmly inna your life like statue
Seen some old tings seen some young tings
Seen some little silly go and come tings
Seen some one night just for fun tings
What a indecent piece ah some ting

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