Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scion Easy 10 Festival

A Film by Anthony Marshall
In BDK, we learn the story of one of hip hop's most notable legends, Big Daddy Kane. Kane tells all about his years growing up as a kid in New York, his life in the rap game, his influences in fashion and his lyrical superiority.

A Film by Joey Garfield
A rock representing music embarks on a visual journey through the discussion of its past, present, and future, by a handful of forward thinking individuals who represent the broad spectrum of music and the music business.

A Film by Max Perlich
LES is as much a coming-of-age tale as it is an homage to a legendary American neighborhood, the Lower East Side. A young man from the L.E.S. is faced with difficult life choices while being pulled by the conflicting influences that populate his colorful home turf.

A Film by Sheldon Candis
Operating on different sets of rules and boundaries as compared to the homeless in America, The Dwelling will follow one homeless Tokyoite along the Sumida River, and focus on his home, which often takes indie construction and ingenuity to new heights.

A Film by Alexander Tarrant
San Francisco artists David Choong Lee and Brian Barneclo engage two homeless men panhandling the rush-hour traffic. They offer their talents to paint new, visually striking cardboard signs.

A Film by LABOUR, EVAQ, Miguel Vega, Claire Carre, Akjak & Destroy Rock Music
RE:UP's Boxed enlists six top directors / animators to collaborate on what is traditionally known as an "exquisite corpse" project: where one artist ends, another artist picks up and begins.

A Film by Kenji Hirata
2 Makes 1 is a stop-motion animation based on the core human emotions of love, betrayal, inspiration, and redemption. The characters are inspired by Hirata's real-life experiences as he is guided by the Buddhist belief that emptiness is everything eternal.

A Film by Jake Burghart & Meredith Danluck
Searching for Montauk is about an extraordinary day of surfing for an ordinary guy. This is a story about a guy not only searching for a wave, but for the lost art of backyard adventure.

A Film by David Hollander
In 1971, during the Vietnam War, on a US military base in West Germany, a US Army funk band called East of Underground wins a contest and records an LP. Thirty-seven years later, the record has become a holy grail for deep-funk collectors.

A Film by Ryan Junell
Meet John Benson and his bus. John transformed a former police street-command unit into a veggie-oil / solar-powered mobile and all-ages performance space. This short film follows John and a vibrant crew of itinerants as they venture up the East Coast.

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