Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things to look forward to

Here's a list of things that I will be doing this year.

1. Take GT-R back to BBI for more mods!

2. A possible track day at Streets of Willow on Feb 6(all depends if I can get that Friday off)

3. Feb 13th is my 30th birthday. Going to Vegas... (Anyone is welcome to come out)

4. A big snowboarding trip to Whistler or Tahoe.

5. Round 2 of our GT-R track day at Buttonwillow. This time around we will be stepping it up in full HD. We have BIG PLANS for this one. Plus the Redline TimeAttack is the same weekend. March 28-30

6. Travel time. Thinking about South Africa for the World Cup or going back to Japan to visit some really good friends of mine and try to see what area I want to open my restaurant.

7. Any type of road rally!

8. Most importantly having fun

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