Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mos Def - Ghetto

When i saw this on HBO back in 2001(i think). I was just blown away by his performance. I'm not sure what concert it was, but it was put on by HBO called ReVerb(something like that). This show was showcasing Mos Def and his band "Black Jack Johnson." The members that make the band were formerly "Living Colour." This track is called "Ghetto" and it's amazing.

Black Jack Johnson: Ghetto


MindlessOath said...

I just found my favorite band!

I like body count, living color and sevendust (that was the lead singer from living color right?). adding this to my list of bad ass music! im with ya on the whole hip hop/rap used to be better. i may be a white guy, but i like music be it jazz, blues, gangster rap or whatever. (country is not my fortay).

man i love your blog! i visit all the time just to see whats going on, even if its just a glance. GT-R, music/culture and just seeing what baller stuff your doing.

I would comment on alot more but i wont :P but keep up the blogging cause its unique and i find intrest in most of these things.

payne said...

Thank you Ian, I appreciate it.