Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Post

I think I stayed home because I don't remember doing anything exciting at all and plus I had to be up early to go to Car and Coffee(Irvine) in the morning.

What a long ass day... I woke up around 5:20am and got ready to go to Cars and Coffee. I got there around 6:45am or so. I saw a few friends and I also met up with a sponsor for my car(SCORE!!!!). After hanging out there for a bit, I headed back to Downtown LA to meet up with my friend Terrence. We had to swap cars, so I can take his car to Long Beach for a car event called SpoCom. I haven't driven a stock GTR in awhile and it has a different feel to it. Once I was in Long Beach (I got there too damn early), I had to wait for the rest of the crew to come in. They finally got there 2 hours later. Man was I bored out of my damn mind hahaha. Anyways Terrance finally rolls up and we swap cars again. I was happy to be back in my car.
After all that, I then headed to Walnut and hung out with a few friends. I even got to test drive the Telsa which was awesome. There's no power steering in that car what so ever so it was like driving a big electric go-kart. Around 3:45 or so I headed back to LA and I was hungry, but I didn't know what to eat. I ended up settling for this soul food spot off Pico near Roscoe's Chicken n' Waffles. All I have to say is,"DAMN that shit was good!" I had black eyed peas, rice, greens, 2 chicken wings, and 3 deep fried catfish. The itis hit me so hard I fell asleep about 20 mins after eating. I woke up around 9pm and then I took another nap. Later I went out with my boy Moon. We hit up Hollywood for his friend's birthday, but we didn't get to go in, so we changed our plans and went to Mood instead.

I went to work on Sunday for a bit and then I went home to take the stickers off my car from the goldRush Rally. Talk about a pain in the ass. I had to use bust out the clay bar and throw a lil bit of elbow grease into it hahaha. After getting the car all cleaned(I left a few stickers on because that shit was a pain) I took a for a drive to Hermosa Beach beach I wanted to be near the beach and sip on a fruity ass drink and I did.

That there sums up my weekend. I have a feeling that this week will be interesting to say the least.

I'm not a Laker fan nor do I follow the NBA(I'm not a Laker hater so piss off), but I do love my city. After the Laker game there was riot because they won the series. Now to the people that like to destroy shit over a basketball game, well then FUCK YOU. There's always ignorant people that ruin everything. People can't just have a good time and enjoy the celebration in peace.

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