Friday, June 26, 2009

You will Be Missed

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson. This man was bigger than Elvis and has influenced so many people. No matter what people thought about him, I still liked him and he will be missed

I remember when I was 13. My mom took me to Golden Apple Comics on Melrose so I can get the latest issue of X-men. When we got there we saw a big black limo in front of the store. Back then seeing a limo was always amazing. We walked in and the owner Bill comes up to us and asked if we would like to meet Michael Jackson. My eyes lite up and we both said, "YES!" Bill walked us over to where he was and introduced us. I couldn't believe that i was actually having a conversation with Michael Jackson in a comic book store. We talked about comics and dancing. HAHAHA hell I even remember the comics he was looking at. Michael has truly made an impact on my life because I wanted to dance like him. Till this day I can bust out the Beat It dance moves. Good times

Here's one of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson

Dirty Diana:

I love this track from Thriller

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