Monday, June 22, 2009


This weekend was fun and also expensive. Saturday morning I got a speeding ticket on the 405. I wasn't clocked, but the CHP officer guesstimated my speed which was slightly off. Adam and I were on our way to Cars and Coffee to hang out and see a few people. After Cars and Coffee we meet up with Josh and Kevin at IHOP and then later on Jason and his wife joined us. Jason showed us his new car, a Mercedes clk 63 black series FTW. When we all said our good byes, Adam, Josh, and I went to go for a cruise through Rancho Palos Verdes and then to Torrance for a BMW meet at VIP Staus.

To top the weekend off, I got an Egine Systems Malfunction Warning on my car. It happened last week, but it went away, but now it won't go off. I thought it might be the gas cap, but that didn't solve the problem. So now my my car is back in the shop at Universal City Nissan to what the problem is. Whatever it is it better be under warranty beacuse I really don't have any extra funds to shell out for shit like this right now. The good thing about taking my car in this is that they finally gave me a Maxima as a loaner. The only thing that sucked was that I forgot my ID at home and I had to go back and get it, which made me late to work. I wonder when my car will be ready for pick up?

alright y'all I had enough. I'm going back to work


Eddie said...

You never said how fast you were going.

payne said...

i was doing 78, but he said i was doing 85.