Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Boy Ed

This my friend Ed. Ed is a cool guy and he's fun to hang out with because of the little things that he will do without knowing nor being aware of who's around him. This footage was taken by me when we(Moon, Ed, Gladys, and I) went to Japan back in August of 2005 to hang out with my friends Danielle, Naomi, Chisa, Nobo, and Daisuke, Kazuki, and of course Ryoji. It's about 7am and we just came from a club in Shinjuku. We went to Denny's in Akasaka for some good eatin' hahaha. Ed got this kiwi drink and he just kept on slurpping it and wouldn't stop. Everyone was looking at him and laughing. Plus he likes sweets

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Mr. Sep said...

lmao :&