Monday, June 29, 2009

SD Weekend

Saturday my boy Moon and I rolled out to San Diego over the weekend. There was a big SoCal Euro Car Meet at the Qualcomm Stadium and there where about 1,500 cars in all. A lot of people met up at the Irvine Spectrum around 9am for a caravan to San Diego. The main reason why we went was to hang out and for Moon to get tatted up on Sunday.

Here we go...

Moon standing next to Ed's tent HAHAHA
A gray Noble and some crazy ass orange car.
You don't see this car everyday. BMW M1
This is my favorite car. I rather and plan on getting a 2008 model later, but it's still awesome to see this car in the states. Audi RS6
Moon getting tatted up on Sunday @ 52 tattoo shop

The start of the drawing that's going on his upper left arm to complete his sleeve.

The FINAL drawing

Me counting sheep. The night before was a rough one hahaha
Drawing transfered
Now the inkTo see more go to my boy Moon's blog CONCEPTIVORE.

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